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Joe Zou @zzbar Manhattan, Fire Island, 重庆

Beida Ren (北大人), Investment Management, Hedge Fund, Startups, Physics, All Things Made by Apple, and Beaches. zzbar=(x+iy)(x-iy)

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@Gartenberg @amazon in e-commerce disputes, CC companies are your friends. @Gartenberg @amazon you can just ask credit card provider to refuse charges from Amazon. Easier that way.Absolutely critical - the Murray Gell-Mann Media Amnesia Effect
Retweeted by Joe Zou @mims or democracy is overrated. @JamesFallows except there is no "info" in the informercial. @CNBC @MFoxCNBC don't you meant "he wants trump to win"? @StephenMcDonell explicit censorship has a silver lining: you know it and can seek alternatives. @StephenMcDonell only slightly different. Expelled, not jailed, if you teach anti-Israeli stuff, not imprisoned. @StephenMcDonell different subjects are self censored on us campuses. Effect is the same. @StephenMcDonell judging by Bernie Sanders's support on University campuses, Chinese universities are not very different.
@rabois @JayCostTWS right, she knew Russia from her front porch. @JayCostTWS @rabois McCain put Sara Palin on the ticket. Nobody in GOP said anything. If she could be the President, why not Trump? @jbarro @SopanDeb He meant to ask: bail out bond holders? @fmanjoo Apple Music "for me" suggestion list >>>> Spotify . And Apple watch music app as a remote control for playlist, beats1 and AirPlay @neilcybart consensus? How do you explain tesla cult? It's a hardware maker. @fmanjoo it's good. Siri control alone is worth it. @BernieSanders it's over. Go home. @BenBajarin @gassee if? It is already. @jorge_guajardo wasn't she a mail-order bribe? @FortuneMagazine it's over since March 1.May the Fourth be with #北大 but peaceful: Air rage linked to class difference: research - Xinhua | the 4th Be with Peking U. Happy Birthday 北大!
@iOCD @PrivacyCamp @PrivacyPro_Plow @micshasan fox guarding henhouse.Finding solace in Snapchat.
Retweeted by Joe ZouOne of the most prominent Republican VCs: Rebel Bernard Sanders wins Indiana US Provincial Election, spurred on by incorrect polling fueled by debauched Bayesian methods.
Retweeted by Joe Zou @nycjim no. Totally irrelevant. @fmanjoo just raise your wrist to pay for stuff then. @viranchdamani actually you can if you are on China Mobile LTE with VPN. @viranchdamani 800 million people lifted out of poverty >>> empty democracy promises. @viranchdamani democracy is overrated and bad for economy in developing country. @viranchdamani nope. @viranchdamani seriously, India has such huge potential if only you get a real capitalist government like China. @viranchdamani I do know. LTE just become available this year. India gov. is still trying to confiscate Vodafone's property. @viranchdamani sure, slow 2G != Internet. @viranchdamani @stevesi @technology India needs to grow out of its old anti-colonialism thinking toward foreign investments. @viranchdamani @stevesi @technology open market? Until recently, Apple wasn't allowed to open its own Stores in India. @stevesi @technology with government like that, India will never catch up with China. @kevinroose @fmanjoo 0. Macintosh @PrivacyCamp if she refuse to press her fingers on the phone, what would the cops do? Chop off her fingers?
@chrisgeidner who approved Those two court cases? @chrisgeidner why didn't you ask her about FBI/encryption issue? @carlquintanilla @jonfortt @CNBC didn't Buffet also say you shouldn't be envious of other people winning lotteries? @jonfortt yes they provide services. @jonfortt ask UPS or Fedex if they are providing services. @jonfortt subscription service is just one form of services. My furniture delivery men provide me another form of service w/o recurring rev @jonfortt nope. @jonfortt unlike Walmart or Amazon, apple's services have unlimited inventory except iCloud storage space. @jonfortt retail is a service to both whole sellers and buyers. @jonfortt a distinction without a difference.
@JZdziarski what would they do if one refuses to comply with court order? Chop off one's fingers? @RBReich @maryaliceparks for him to continue taking pizza money from college kids knowing he doesn't have a path to win is unethical.
As a large Coco Cola share holder Warren Buffett doesn't believe sugar is bad for you. #BRKLiveStreamIs it just me or many #TEDTalks have become too pedantic? @jonfortt @danprimack shouldn't you be out there doing some good on this #ComcastCaresDay ?
@ReformedBroker so what's the zero hedge of political media? Drudge doesn't count. @fmanjoo @SwiftOnSecurity my hue lights can be turned off from iPhone anywhere with Internet connection. @stevesi @paulg didn't Steve Ballmer grabbed an iPhone from an employee at a Msft meeting and stumped on it? @fmanjoo airline dolly trolley outfit @EmanuelDerman on safari too? @EmanuelDerman safari asks if you want to save password. I use it as it syncs across all my apple devices. @jorge_guajardo Apple's sale was up 81% Q2 2015 in mainland china, down 9% Q2 2016. Mean reversion. @jorge_guajardo that's an excuse. The real reason is that he's mentioned as trump's potential treasury secretary. Trump called boycott appleAlso many worlds.
Retweeted by Joe ZouThis is rich: Bloomberg says zerohedge is after page views, clicks and profit. I'm shocked. @yishuwww @mattsheehan88 造-manufacture, mass production. 作-creating, originating.
@neilcybart 538 is owned by Disney. Sounds like competitors trash talk to me. @UrbanPat @mattyglesias Tyson @thoreau_devotee it's none of your business. @thoreau_devotee you don't know me and stop making assumptions. @thoreau_devotee doesn't matter, find an oversea's buyer @thoreau_devotee @carney no, that's net of taxes @thoreau_devotee @carney Apple is generating $50bn cash a year, which can serve tons of debts. @thoreau_devotee @carney the entire discussion is hypothetical. The key is enterprise value. Small enough enterprise value -> LBO possible. @neilcybart so when will Tony Fadell leave Google now he's got a new boss? @carney sigh again, the premise is cash ~ equity market cap so that enterprise value is less than 50bn. only 10bn equity check to LBO. @carney not saying or hoping it happens. But it's possible. @carney yes u can. money is fungible! mkt cap=500, cash=450. PE firm offer=525, (5 equity + borrow 520), banks will lend against 450 cash. @carney Apple is currently borrowing in the bond market to retire shares. It's like a slow leverage buy out while cash holding keeps growing @carney not exactly, But close. Get a bridge loan to payoff stock holders, close the deal, use the existing cash to repay the bridge loan. @carney if Apple's cash holding ~ market cap, it's enterprise value approaches zero, use apple's own cash to steal the company.n @carney in a few years, Apple's market cap will approach it's cash holding, then it becomes possible. @mgsiegler real reason: Treasury Secretary designee of @realDonaldTrump sold $AAPL to conform with Trump's anti-China and anti-Apple policy. @CNBCJosh @Carl_C_Icahn Treasury Secretary designee of @realDonaldTrump sold $AAPL to conform with Trump's anti-China and anti-Apple policyThe Treasury Secretary designee of @realDonaldTrump sold his $AAPL stake to conform with Trump's anti-China and anti-Apple policy. @politico Florida @Pines_Party is XANADU some kind of drug that makes you high? #askingforafriend @JohnJHarwood @alexburnsNYT without his switching Party, ObamaCare wouldn't have passed. @EmanuelDerman @morningmoneyben maybe he owned GS stocks? @counternotions give the kid a good scolding. Teach the kid some manners. @BenBajarin too soon to tell. @BenBajarin no way. They are approaching peak already. The ads on my FB stream is intolerable. @ReformedBroker @JohnPaczkowski is that her real email address? If so, that's uncalled for.
@FinancialTimes no way. @BenBajarin so you are saying it will vanish as soon as it hits a big dead tree trunk? @TheDomino meh, just bigger bubble. @ReformedBroker meh. Apple's March qtr service revenue $5.9Bn > FB's entire revenue of $5.3bn. @gregorykorte @USATODAY but his hands are too small to carry a big stick. @WaltBTIG but the watch is available on exactly zero wireless operators in its first year.