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Joe Zou @zzbar Manhattan, Fire Island, 重庆

Beida Ren (北大人), Investment Management, Hedge Fund, Startups, Physics, All Things Made by Apple, and Beaches. zzbar=(x+iy)(x-iy)

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@AJInsight no. If Ken Starr with unlimited federal power couldn't bring down her, current GOPers have zero chance.Twitter is so irrelevant that everyone complains on Twitter about its upcoming new algorithmic time line Feature. @AJInsight one tough lady. Battled tested. @benthompson what about tech supply chain? Any damage to TSM foundry? Some AAPL holders want to know. BTW, they hope people are safe too. @stevecheney what is this app? @arnoldkim @mat @Kantrowitz should have a button to switch between algorithm and time ordered @mdudas A bubble is any rising assets that I don't own. @mdudas the market is always right if stocks I don't own drop. The market is always wrong if stocks I own goe down. @JohnJHarwood @kausmickey where is the love child? @TProphet @Starbucks @CuddliApp android users don't go to Starbucks @mlplongshort @HFM17Mile so Welsh was the CFO of both ETE and the group CFO, and he gave up group CFO title and retain ETE CFO title? @mlplongshort no press release? @TechCrunch no, it's not.Released on this day in 1990. Bong 18. Enjoy The Silence. Words are very unnecessary...
Retweeted by Joe ZouMountain View realtors are in panic mode to close deals. $LNKD $GOOGLVC money drying up, fewer people are quitting stable jobs to join startups, causing resume depot implosion: $LNKD @BenBajarin but we are not in a recession yet.
@thirtyninehotel @TheFix @washingtonpost Jimmy carter @TheFix @washingtonpost that's stupid, Bernie is less well known, of course people Googled him. Means nothing. @BrianKavanaghNY will you oppose the NYS assembly bill mandating smart phone encryption backdoors? @gak_pdx nah, he's just trying to prove that he's not a rabid fanboy. @NickKristof how do you know that's not her real feeling? If 3/5 of Americans support it, there is a good chance she also supports it. @NickKristof the same. @nickconfessore @fmanjoo so what? Are you saying she's doing the bidding of Wall Street? If so, you should say it out loud to her face. @fmanjoo in a NYT reporters eye maybe. Not for Jane smith. @NickKristof but she's right. Bernie is smearing her. @fmanjoo no @NDR_Research where is AAPL ? @maoxian my dog runs faster than you. @edmundlee @MikeIsaac @modestproposal1 VC money drying up, fewer people are quitting nice jobs to join startups. Hence lower revenue. @WaltBTIG rooting for Denver Panthers. @asymco Cook told employees Apple sold more Watches than the 1st iPhone during holiday season. Do you know how many iPhones was sold then? @dcurtis @BenedictEvans @dcurtis @BenedictEvans go read Target and Bestbuy customers reviews, 4.5 stars and extremely positive."We are rooting for Denver Panthers" - Chris Martin of ColdPlay. #SuperBowl @mattyglesias media keep asking Hillary why young people don't vote for her, shouldn't they ask Bernie why old people don't vote for him? @ianbremmer what's wrong with that? Why should US always be involved in all the troubles in the world? @NaturePhysics Bozo or Einstein Condensate?It takes an imbecile to know an imbecile. @ZekeJMiller @danbalz what's your problem? Why do you need to get paid for your work?
CC monetary experts of the world: thought this guy's mind was blown by steroids long time ago, hmm @jeffzeleny @BernieSanders @HillaryClinton so Obama is not a progressive?Sanders says he'll raise your tax by $500 and save you $5000 medical insurance premium. Who pays the $4500 difference? Oil speculators?#BernieBros are worse than #rightwingnuts @sparky1999 @cdhowe doubt it. @cdhowe @sparky1999 these two companies are too big to be manipulated by a few hedges.. @briandavidearp better than Jeff Bezo's chart with no Y-axis lables at all. @besweeet @eric_analytics @MacRumors what's an SD card?Please Clap market.
Retweeted by Joe ZouEver wondered why Apple put an extra "A" in its stock ticker, AAPL? Now you know. AAPL is ahead of Alphabet, alphabetically. #longTermPlan @JonyIveParody AAPL does come before Alphabet. the extra A was planted for just this occasion。 @neilcybart maybe employee stock trading window just openned after earnings. @amir can you translate those Korean words for us please?The ad placement is perfect. #αβ @fmanjoo "it's a feature, not a product" @davidfaber chose between a hedge fund manager and Chinese Communist government manger, don't be evil, bet on the communist! @farbodsaraf black-scholes equation doesn't belong on the list.Postcards from hometown
@gabbilevy another way to read that survey:@Hillary won decisively among non-socialists. @gabbilevy it just says youngsters are naive and think money grows on trees. They'll get wiser and wiser when they get older. @BloombergTV noEverybody knows a white dude like this. #FreshOffTheBoat #FreshOffTheShow
Retweeted by Joe Zou @angryasianman I thought Wang is smith. @gassee @sapna online sales are getting more popular. The store has become service center and show room. @dannysullivan @eric_analytics such bs. MSFT is margin is also higher than Apple. Check back next year. @nichcarlson yuk. Looks like street litter after gay day parade. 💩 @TProphet yah, Hillary is fight an up hill battle with the Bernie Bros. @dtellom @DanielEran Ferrari ($RACE) is almost half off now since ipo at $6.6 bn. Eddy Cue is probably trying to convince Tim to buy it. @dtellom @DanielEran Luca could still be in negotiation with rating agencies before launching another round of debt offerings? @megtirrell GILD is still the AAPL of biotech. It gets no respect. Doom is just around the corner. @bikhado @a16z @pmarca no it isn't free. Advertisers pay Google for Users private info. @adambain @mashable but Twitter got Demo results totally wrong. You are cherry picking. Don't be fooled by random coincidence. @dtellom or maybe the worst has yet to come and they are waiting for another shoe to drop? @ReformedBroker ok with a man's flip flop, not with a woman's flip flop? Internet has long memories. @felixsalmon @rushkoff Twitter is the front page. Have wsj and ft subscriptions, but I can't remember last time I visited their front pages @ReformedBroker @modestproposal1 won't be long before big tobaccos get into weeds. @ScottNations @sm_sears it wasn't a good forecast and no reason to believe it's a good forecast now. @ScottNations @sm_sears in the mid of 2014, oil was forecasting a robust global growth in 2015 & 2016? If true, it wasn't a good forecast. @ScottNations @sm_sears no more a measure of future growth now than it was when the oils was trading at $100. @ScottNations @sm_sears only problem with this is that actual oil consumption is up, not down. @AJVicens @MotherJones it's over
Coming 2nd is worse than 3rd because second place means loser. Trump is a loooooser tonight. #IACaucus @mattyglesias second = loser, so yes, it's worse then third. @eric_analytics @dtellom pointless to arg this here. Go read 10q and 10k. Back to watch #IowaCaucus now. @eric_analytics @dtellom your spin of tim's spin. @eric_analytics @dtellom that's your spin.. @eric_analytics @dtellom so is car insurance tied to car sales.. @eric_analytics @dtellom apple care is services. , insurance is best kind of business. Just ask warrant Buffett. @eric_analytics @dtellom apple service rev growing faster than google's total rev percent wise @eric_analytics @dtellom you keep repeating it doesn't make it so. I suggest you go read 10q. @stuartpstevens @nycjim nope. @rabois he'll sue Cruz before NH primary on Cruz's eligibility issue.Interesting facts: GOP voters count secret ballots, Demo votes count heads in herds, seeds of individualism and socialism. @mattyglesias yes if it confirm your a prior @thenation no @TheStalwart @fmanjoo what's the anecdotes so far? @rkrishnakumar @eric_analytics yes you can @thenation yes
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