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Currently: Designer at @ProPublica. Formerly: @Harmonix, @happycog. Perpetually: Art, music, film. I generally prefer nurture to nature.

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Fascinating explanation of the water crisis in the western US, and a man who thinks commodification might solve it. kidnapping. Confront husband at your own funeral. Become single mom of 8. Get told to stop snitchin’. NOPE. “will stifle innovation,” say cable companies, whose services have not meaningfully improved in decades.“Send £1,500.00 via A Giant Gummy Lizard.” This TED talk is a pretty fun way to start the day.
RIP Jon Bunch from Sense Field. He was 45 years old. Here’s one I spun quite a bit back in the day.
“By showing what is legal, [Martin Shkreli] has helped us to think about what we might want to change…”“I think he doesn’t know where the lies stop and the truth starts anymore.”
Oh my god this is sublime. @tangentialism Please do a proper, slightly more accessible essay – or blog post, or whatever – about this. Or discuss with me over drinks!Beginning to think I should be documenting my evolving theory about my drop-off laundry service’s folding protocol.
“It’s an action about a place. It’s not about people,” says the NYPD, as it evicts innocent people from their homes. Donald Trump wins the GOP nomination, he should resurrect Morton Downey, Jr. to be his running mate.
@TheAdnostic U! S! Eh?
@jasonsantamaria @weightshift I’m trying the Nightly Show now. Definitely improved since it started, but it’ll still need to grow on me.This week’s are the first Daily Show episodes I’ve missed in eight years.
@beep When @stuntbox *doesn’t* have a mustache, *that* is the disguise. @gb I’ve quickly taken to reciting strategic misinformation into the light bulbs, and otherwise conversing only under cover of loud music.There is a uniformed guy changing light bulbs in the office today, and I can only assume he is a spy.
The stained glass Oderus Urungus @iancorey made for me is pretty much the best thing I own.
“Does Boba Fett have a car?”
Um, hey. Just FYI, this guy is not me. Errol Morris will save us all.
This is about as perfect as analogies get. Hello. Git for Humans is now available @abookapart!
Retweeted by Rob WeychertI started watching Tangerine, and then I saw the Duplass Brothers’ logo, and then the Apple TV crashed, and then I watched something else.
@weightshift @jasonsantamaria @panic @mrb +1 @meyerweb I don’t know how you avoided it in the late ’90s. If I knew of your incredible streak, I wouldn’t have risked breaking it.Just noticed the return of Peep Show, which is good news except for the invincible “Flagpole Sitta” earworm.
Finally gave @DavidEpstein’s “Devils, Deals and the DEA” a proper read, and it is wall-to-wall insanity.
I know Trevor Noah’s Daily Show will take time to develop, but my patience is starting to feel like apologism.
@mattsinger @nitehawkcinema In all the fuss about the storm, I somehow completely forgot the discussion was today. I would have come, too. 😕“…heavy metal is discipline in service of the preposterous… the genre solemnizes the impulses of adolescence.”
Lots of folks these days carrying bags with little dogs peeking out the top.Secret Cosmic Music of the East German Olympic Program 1972–1983: Good Kraftwerkian fun. Probably fake backstory. donor disparities intensify Congressional Republican dysfunction: “Sometimes self-interest can trump ideology.”
@cassiejsneider I see no reason not to do both.
This amazing woman solved her own genetic mystery that stumped doctors, and saved some lives along the way.“[Making a Murderer directors] Ricciardi and Demos… wind up mirroring the entity that they are trying to discredit.”
People who scoff at grievances from marginalized voices believe we have already achieved meritocracy. Show them we’re not there yet.
Pretty thrilled to see my It Follows review excerpted in @letterboxd’s 2015 Year in Review!
@bdougherty Cool, thanks for the tip! Still, I most often run into this problem browsing on iOS, where keyboard shortcuts won’t work. 😕Realized today that I got into @TRTS over 20 years ago, making it arguably my longest-running fandom of something unequivocally cool..@ProPublica's FIRST-EVER TOTALLY FREE 10-day workshop. Learn data. Design. Code. All for journalism. APPLY ->
Retweeted by Rob WeychertA Muslim woman’s rational takeaways from attending a Trump rally. the Watch Later feature on a Vimeo embed is a dick move.
A great read from @Wordridden about her childhood and beyond as a Star Wars fan. @mattsinger @iamrumz Breen Gems is such a good name it actually makes this idea worth doing. @mattsinger @iamrumz THE CLEANSE, LLC @aarontrites @CaseyMalone @kfan Why didn’t I think of that? You truly are the King of Kings! @aarontrites @CaseyMalone @kfan I ditched iTunes, and its replacement doesn’t have that feature, nor do streaming services. TRY AGAIN. @CaseyMalone @kfan Yeah, I’d be fine with ignoring my completist tendencies and deleting them, but they’re often tacked onto actual songs. @Kaboobi Here’s a little background: many great hip-hop albums would be considerably greater without all the stupid interstitial/skit BS. @mattsinger My primary critical criteria for any given film is the number of patents secured during its production. @JimboBrighters I stopped counting after 347. Also, “TO THE TREEEEES!”For better or worse, this may be the most memorable Rickman moment for me. Slumming it just made him shine brighter. like 69–70 is overtaking 27 as the cool age to die. I hope Alan Rickman is already plotting a skyscraper heist in the afterlife. RIP.
@Smomotion For many creative endeavors, I don’t exactly enjoy the journey, but I believe in the destination.
I’m gonna miss this dude. #SOTU“Q: Who are some notable past Powerball winners? A: Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Michael Bloomberg, Mark Cuban.”[sarcastic comment about time windows for home service visits]The Force Awakens is the most successful film ever after < 1 month? Is that inflation-adjusted? No. No, it is not. for reunion with dentist: “Fix what you can, and scare me into being sustainably responsible for the rest.”
@anildash That would knock out Bush, Christie, Huckabee, Kasich, O’Malley, and Santorum. Think of the savings on podiums! @iamrumz These characters have BAGGAGE, man. @Armstrong I have it on good authority that the students at the fictional high school featured in the film The Guest do.This time of year, my Twitter people have conflicting opinions. @CaseyMalone @Armstrong @Armstrong You just have to watch it with the right mindset. time of year, I only watch bag-carryin’ movies., shown here at Halloween, on Bowie this morning: "He will keep singing." @bylaurenfitz
Retweeted by Rob WeychertA bit late on this, but my favorite film of 2015 was It Follows, and my favorite record was The Ark Work by @LITVRGY.Q: “What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?” A: “Living in fear.” – David Bowie (via @brainpicker)
Retweeted by Rob WeychertI never got into Bowie in a big way, but I’m eternally grateful to anyone who makes oddity meaningfully accessible. We are all weirdos. RIP.
Looking forward to seeing what comes of this collaborative approach to ending online harassment. #hackharassment“What the market deems valuable is not necessarily aligned with what is ultimately good for us as a society.”
“…sites like ProPublica and Securedrop using hidden services shows that these things aren’t just for criminals.” + alt + r in Safari. Had no idea. 💫
Retweeted by Rob WeychertWhen I hear Blind Boys of Alabama’s cover of “Way Down in the Hole” (The Wire, Season 1), I see Bubbles singing it.’re back! And we’re so excited to share something NEW—introducing A Book Apart Briefs:
Retweeted by Rob WeychertDreamed I was writing/producing/scoring/directing a slasher film /stage play with a priest for a villain, and hoo boy it was not going well.
Designers: Here’s a chance to do great work with some mega-talented people in Philly. the fun of tweeting for me is editing.
Retweeted by Rob WeychertA nice roundup of @ProPublica’s more visually and interactively rich stories from the past year.“Everything we do to make it harder to create a website… promotes that consumerist vision of the web.”
Is Oculus founder Palmer Lucky’s middle name Comma?
@mikeindustries I love the Twilight Zone too, and I agree Black Mirror has its DNA. But the former never felt quite so self-satisfied to me. @mikeindustries I stayed with it for three episodes, but was put off by the unrelentingly sanctimonious tone.At the same time, I hope to be ever more aware of and responsive to my own ignorance.
@hannahsbirch YES. Tabula rasa!I always aim to be kinder to people, but for 2016 I also aim to be kinder to myself.
In a segment of the disabled community, there is a battle between reason and emotion that has finally drawn blood.
An engrossing profile of the legendary animator / visual effects pioneer Phil Tippett.
@sethw If I wanted to hear Elton John songs, I’d go see Elton John. @sethw 100% Appetite and 100% Appetite lineup or GTFO. (And yeah, that probably won’t happen, so I’ll pass.) @sethw If I had a guarantee that they would play Appetite front to back, I might consider it. Still probably do the cheap seats, though.
2015 Lemmy. May we all wring as much life out of our short time here as you did.Hey @NRA. A child was shot dead for being suspected of having a gun in an open carry state. I'm sure you're working to stand for his rights?
Retweeted by Rob Weychert @chrislobay @Spotify 10,000 songs, apparently. Because… well, your guess is as good as mine.Day 1 on @Spotify: “Epic collection, friend. Your Music is all filled up. To save more, you’ll need to remove some songs.”
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