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The ISIS recruitment drive in Paris was a big success. Meet the new Daesh-bags.
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@quadz08 :Dthis video. still an astonishing piece of art. #87 of 95. Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for ab canoes. Right. We can do both. I love Mel Gibson's work, but the man... 😞😞😞@jmridenhour I hadn't known anything about him before that night, and didn't want to, afterwards.@haszombiesinit should've probably said "museum" not "collaborative." i was an artist in residence there once@haszombiesinit oh yes! and it's in greensboro! i just finished "the summer people" and loved it and wondered if it was at all inspired by the Elsewhere Collaborative...?anyway back to my research on enema paraphernalia@carmenmmachado ok. :)@carmenmmachado (also, i'd dearly love to read your essay, and would not share it.)@carmenmmachado awesome. <3 in the meantime.@carmenmmachado for pre-novel publication time.@carmenmmachado they wouldn't be able to publish his name for legal reasons. i let it go at the time bc i had to write a ton of other stuff@carmenmmachado @inkkr @hannahjwaters i wasn't, no, though i'd been talking to lynn at @vidalia_ about publishing something awhile back.@carmenmmachado yeah. again, let me know. i learned from the bora zivkovic thing that there's strength in numbers. @inkkr @hannahjwaters@carmenmmachado lo entiendo. :( many women sure have that experience, too.@carmenmmachado gotcha. let me know if you ever feel differently. you are really not the only one who's experienced that from him.@carmenmmachado @SamSykesSwears GIRL. I was going to title my blog post about the incident the EXACT SAME THING..@carmenmmachado @SamSykesSwears yeah. which is also pretty much spelled out in his books. and yet goes uncriticized..@carmenmmachado @SamSykesSwears totally. very important stuff. and yet his public performance of progressivism =/= private behavior.@carmenmmachado @SamSykesSwears yes yes and YES. every time someone posts like "woo junot diaz on love blah blah" i'm like ".........."@carmenmmachado @SamSykesSwears i'm not that far along, either, but i'm not sure we ever will be, unless we're honest about those in power.@carmenmmachado @SamSykesSwears not challenging that, but genuinely curious: when do you think that will be?@carmenmmachado i know parts of it. you're the person my date texted right after it happened..@SamSykesSwears date and i left in the middle of the dinner..@SamSykesSwears ...after the umpteenth time being interrupted / shut down to privilege the other man at the table (peter straub)....@SamSykesSwears ....yelled the word "rape" in my face to prove a point, had met me like 15 minutes earlier....@SamSykesSwears yes. incredibly shitty experience at a dinner being interrupted / yelled at / talked over / gaslighted...or will he merely continue in his role as Saint Diversityso on "punching up" many more women out there have stories of being treated like shit by junot diaz? or was it just me?@noirony yes."Why I am trying to prove myself to writers whose work, in many cases, I don’t particularly admire?" mmmmmmmmmmmmyesI have to. I have to be fluent in the dominant culture to survive. @SF1bookclub "but women are supposed to be the victims only" "but so much sex" "but" "but"@brianjohnrose @SF1bookclub *shrugs* at themIt was written for EVERYONE ELSE.But that could just as easily have not happened. The Girl in the Road could easily not have been picked up. It was not written for white men...and it was NOT WRITTEN FOR THEM. It was written for ME. It was what I WANTED IN THE WORLD.PANDERING KILLS AN ARTIST'S SOUL. I got SO SO SO lucky that @zackwagman & @sstoloff liked The Girl in the Road JUST HOW IT i'm basically livetweeting my reactions to this amazing essay so here's one thing i want to say right now... shit. And the beat drops. "Glad you like it, Lee. It’s for you.""Myself, I have been writing to impress old white men." Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaang"We live in a culture that hates us. We get that. Misogyny is the water we swim in."'m halfway through @clairevaye's essay On Pandering and hooooooooly shit. How many more of these stories are going to come out.@Tin_House @clairevaye Hahaaaaaaaaaaa I was just about to say....😳 As if I wasn't already really excited for @monicabyrne13 's new book!
Retweeted by Monica Byrnecan we please change "what is your race" to "what is your racial construction" on every form ever@ohmytasha ;)today i have to write a historically accurate hallucinogenic enema scene i love my job #writerslifei want to age authentically, as myself, publiclythis is the picture (on my FB page) had an interesting moment where i photoshopped out the crease in my forehead and then put it back again and posted it that wayChicago cop will be charged with murder in fatal shooting of #LaquanMcDonald
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@pedestrian i think of iran as the land of eternal autumn. it's meant in the best way.@afnewton you'll have to text me in line. :)@jeffvandermeer it's one of my favorite things on the entire internet, thank you @mallelis@jeffvandermeer you're aware of this i hope i did it @afnewton #nightowl that live deserve tenure. And some that have tenure deserve life. But can you give it to them? #LOTRyourResearch
Retweeted by Monica Byrnebut also i have been face held in hands and interrogated "why are you so beautiful" and i'm like "bruh i dunno"@SamSykesSwears noze totes sobrthere's this boy i just wanna look at for long periods of time and just tell him "your eyes" etc. but in practice it gets awk so quicklyis there any easy way to tell a person how beautiful they are / be told thus
WOOHOOOOO just passed 1,000 likes on ma fayshbuk page errybody like like like like like Like fifteen in a day! I didn't even say anything offensive.dang. are all the bots unfollowing me at once? or maybe it was the same megabot, all fake writers with fake books and fake followings@afnewton :)i saw Fellowship of the Ring alone for the first time and that was a good call. afterwards i was like NOLI ME TANGEREit is probably better that i see Force Awakens alone the first time so I don't cover my friends in sob and snot@afnewton OK. I will know my Dec/Jan schedule better after Thursday when I find out about the DSC shortlist (eeeggghhh!).@merrittkopas orgasm-of-the-month club@afnewton i think i'm in denial. i haven't bought a ticket yet. i'm scared. alex. guns.@elnathan thank you dear ❀️@rmaxwell lol. right.something i've been putting off for five months took me twenty minutes to do sigh. of course@ferretthimself :) :) :) Thank youuuuu <3@cirquelar thank you ☺️@scalzi 😊 I can't waaaaiiiiit to see this cover!Turkish rights to The Girl in the Road: SOLD. More to follow, inshallah. ❀️ @OLittleGreenPig trailer DRRRRRR-OP Hahaaaaaa wonderful!!@booksabound πŸ˜„@charlesatan ❀️@ChrisRAlonso gracias 😊😊😊and 632 words to revise before I sleep and 632 words to revise before I sleep #writerslife watched HEATHERS with my housemates. forgot how many amazing lines. "I don't patronize bunny rabbits"
@SubMedina black > blonde, every time@ECthetwit it hits me right in the #catholicgirlpartsUUUHHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNHH #SPLOOSH Emotions of Normal People by @OLittleGreenPig. Coming. December 3rd. Swain Hall. UNC. So self-serious. Lord.@seren_sensei I started watching the first of those and just started laughing and turned it off.Hey yall. Got almost 1000 leex on Facebook. Wanna jump in? I post stuff there I don't post ANNNYWHERE ALSE Gotcha. Thank you.Dear visual artists: how did you decide how much to sell your work for? (Especially for custom commissions?)@mantej hell yes it would. urrgghh.@lgm_film noooooo, i wish. i find out on Thanksgiving like everyone else :(
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