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Finally -- Apple Music Comes to Sonos on December 15 for #TheHourofCode and help prove that every young person can learn to build tech:
Retweeted by Jeff Weiner@johnolilly @dickc @anthonynoto that would definitely simplify things, but given Florida's disinclination to actually score, seems unlikely.@dickc @johnolilly @anthonynoto Plot thickens with NC moving all the way up to #8. If they beat Clemson, could be jump ball with Stanford.
The new @LinkedIn native app is great. Definitely a must for those who only think it's a job finding platform only.
Retweeted by Jeff Weiner@johnolilly @anthonynoto @dickc Solution: Eight eligible conferences, eight champs, eight teams in playoffs. Could add byes & wildcards too.@NadimHossain If Clemson performance over SC is any indication, and Stanford can beat USC, more than just a chance.@johnolilly NC unlikely, but should be #10 after this weekend. #10 beating consensus #1 and winning conference has to be in mix.Oklahoma is in, as is winner of Iowa/MSU. Bama should beat Florida. If NC beats Clemson & Stanford beats USC, is it NC, Stanford, or OSU?
@BigBopperHog @jefflongUA Clemson, Bama, Oklahoma, and winner of MSU/Iowa. Real question is who's in if there are upsets next week.For first time I can recall, enjoying college football more than NFL. The playoff system, while imperfect, has taken game to the next level.What a game. Awesome win for Stanford.On their last TD drive, Alabama QB Coker puts on a clinic on how to keep play alive after pocket collapses. Impressive.4,000+ #recruiting leaders share their 2016 priorities: quality of hire, speed, employer brand, retention.
Retweeted by Jeff WeinerMSU wide receiver Aaron Burbridge just made one of best TD runs after catch you'll see this college football season. This MSU team is legit.OSU dominates Michigan led by Zeke's 200+ yds. Gives his comments following MSU loss perspective, i.e. less griping, more just being honest
If reaction by our Thanksgiving guests is any indication, Swagway Hoverboard should easily rank among best-selling toys this holiday seasonRegardless of what you think of Cam Newton, hard not to smile watching someone enjoy their job this much
Love the new look and feel of the LinkedIn app! Thanks LinkedIn. #SocialMediaMarketing via
Retweeted by Jeff WeinerReally liking the new look linkedin mobile app! Such a big improvement from the previous version!!!!
Retweeted by Jeff WeinerApproaching 7 years at LinkedIn and extraordinarily grateful for the best team, members & customers anyone could ask for. Happy ThanksgivingThe new LinkedIn mobile app is absolute class. Minimal yet so informative. Deserves a mention @LinkedIn #LinkedIn #ProjectVoyager
Retweeted by Jeff WeinerLove the new @LinkedIn app ! works brilliantly for me , great improvement
Retweeted by Jeff WeinerCool new updates & interface design changes in LinkedIn app #Digital #LinkedIn #SocialMedia
Retweeted by Jeff Weiner
Four values Steve Kerr shared with Warriors before 16th straight win: Joy, mindfulness, compassion & competition! About time LinkedIn switched up its Android App. Looks sick now!
Retweeted by Jeff WeinerNew official Rubik's Cube world record: 4.9 secs. Takes me longer to remember what year I first tried one. if she has anything left to prove, Adele performs with Jimmy Fallon & Roots. Turns gag performance into art. @danroth @Jason @BenedictEvans @LinkedIn Thanks for the feedback on the new app. Great to hear.
@inventur_es @sacca @Jason @BenedictEvans That's what we just did. In process of rolling out now. Let me know if interested in trying it outChoose to be Grateful. It Will Make you Happier via @NYTimes
We don’t view ourselves as a book store or a music store. We view ourselves as a customer store -- Jeff Bezos (1999)'s U.S. penetration over 50%. Perhaps more impressive: Some original dramas viewed by over half Netflix users
San Mateo unemployment rate hits 3.2% That wasn't just you.Just tuned new @Sonos Play:5 using their recent Trueplay software upgrade. An already amazing product experience just got even better.
@rabois Ridiculous. Different than Jordan. Given size, in some ways even more impressive.Warriors are closest thing I've seen to an NBA team looking like the Harlem Globetrotters. Doesn't hurt that Steph Curry is a freak show.@typesfast @hunterwalk @LinkedIn Ryan, looks like our support team beat me to it. Please let us know what version you're using.@LawrenceChong_ Great to hear. Thanks for the feedback.@chrischeatham Thanks for the feedback.@hunterwalk @LinkedIn Good to hear. Please keep the feedback coming.
@bgurley @LinkedIn You were great. Thanks for making the time."The minute you think it's easy, you're doing something wrong" - @bgurley on entrepreneurship and successfully building a companyGo Against the Flow premieres at @LinkedIn offices worldwide tomorrow. Empower 1M female entrepreneurs! @jeffweiner
Retweeted by Jeff Weiner
Seven Secrets of Amazon's Cloud Juggernaut via @jonfortt
Creativity, In many respects, is a response -- This is How Innovation Really Works via Matthew Syed
Which work benefits do Millennials value most? According to one survey, it's learning and development
.@kieranmoolchan @LinkedIn Thanks. Team has been working hard on this. Very excited to launch. Will make sure to pass your feedback along..@kieranmoolchan That's the idea. :)To all of the Veterans who have so bravely served our country, thank you. Now it's LinkedIn's turn to help you. Our Service Members & Veterans With One Year Free Learning on
Not sure if it's quality of moderators, smaller number of participants, or some combination, but Republicans finally having a real debateMore improvements on the way -- Sending Less Email on LinkedIn is Just the Beginning via @EricaLockheimer
Diversity makes good business sense -- "I care about diversity because diverse teams win" via @MikeGamson
Great overview of the cloud landscape and the amazing success of AWS via @businessinsider, congrats on the well deserved recognition! NCAAF playoff storylines emerging: Clemson & Bama likely in, OSU vs. MSU & Michigan, big 12 round robin, Stanford vs. Notre Dame
Just saw Stallone will be playing the Mickey role in latest installment of Rocky ("Creed") and wondering where the last 40 years have gone@jaykreps ringing endorsement
2015 Join us at @LinkedIn for exclusive premier of Go Against the Flow on 11/11 #tir @jeffweiner
Retweeted by Jeff WeinerThis is insane. One step closer to a real Iron Man. jobs report: Unemployment drops to 5%, 271k jobs added, wages grew at fastest pace since mid-2009 take on future of online publishing -- Grantland and the Surprising Future of Publishing via @stratechery
Great note from @hblodget, founder & CEO of @BusinessInsider, expressing gratitude to those that helped build it dad: "You can do anything you set your mind to" -- The Best Career Advice LinkedIn Parents Gave Their Kids
Our first localized product for India -- LinkedIn Rolls Out New Product to Make Campus Placements More Efficient
@sodell244 Great to hear. Glad we could help.Scaling with Purpose at LinkedIn via @Imperative answers your questions on work-life balance, ditching rules, getting away from your desk, and more:
Retweeted by Jeff WeinerWishing Meg and team all the best with the new HPE -- Starting a New Job via @MegWhitman If referring to #71, think you meant to say "blocks."
Not a metaphor - What I Ultimately Learned Swimming Those Shark Infested Waters Between Cuba and U.S. via @diananyad
Steph Curry one of few athletes whose highlights consistently require multiple viewings to see how they do it know latest eta on Apple Music integration with Sonos?
"Everything you know about advertising, chuck it" -- Brands Woo Millennials with a Wink, Emoji or Whatever it Takes
Congrats @davidwkenny! Exciting times ahead. Look forward to catching up at some point. challenges conventional wisdom on traditional university admissions -- Time to Rethink What "Elite" Should Mean application of the Economic Graph - Leveraging LinkedIn Data to Uncover Opportunities in Toronto's Tech Sector
At first glance, thought this headline was a misprint. Unreal. years later, @kennethn revisits his seminal post on how to hire a product manager
Key question for cable companies isn't # of subs, but what role they play in the viewer’s life via @JasonHirschhorn CEO Jonah Peretti shares internal memo on what they're building and why -- A Cross-Platform, Global Network anyone tried Enjoy yet? Sounds great in theory -- How Failed JCPenney CEO is Redeeming Himself with Enjoy piece on the great work of Bruno Connelly and our outstanding SRE team -- LinkedIn Learns to Do Devops Right
Novel approach to assess what kind of manager you are/aspire to be -- Would You Want to Work For You? Via… Tried after tweeting and hearing similar replies but doesn't appear to be case. Surprised at how confusing the offering is.Watch this now. As moving and beautiful a tribute to the power of gratitude as I've seen via @Oprah to see Dolphins' transformation under Dan Campbell. Many thought they had this kind of talent preseason. Curious to see if it sticks@anthonynoto, lots of confusion regarding ability to subscribe directly to NFL to stream games via web (excluding direct tv sub). Thoughts?Dilbert Creator Scott Adams Presents His 10 Favorite Comics of All-Time via @businessinsider To clarify, was referring to ability to subscribe directly to NFL as a Comcast cable sub to access games on demand via web.@fromedome As a Comcast subscriber?Yahoo off to impressive start with live NFL streaming. Looking forward to day I can subscribe to NFL and watch any game on demand.
@Jason @BenedictEvans @destraynor Agreed some delineation important; especially for those receiving disproportionate # inmails. Stay tuned@MichaelBabich @BenedictEvans @Jason @destraynor Team's been working hard on new app/UX coming soon. Here's preview: Master class in speaking: Inspiring, authentic, insightful. Still recall: "The opposite of poverty is not wealth; its justice."Here is Bryan's @TEDTalks for folks who want to be blown away: //@jeffweiner
Retweeted by Jeff Weiner.@stewart Had privilege of seeing Bryan's Ted talk live. Best public speaker I've seen to date.Others can motivate and even inspire you, but no one can push you as hard as you can push yourself. No one.
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