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Former pro-­cyclist @TheJensie shares training tips to help you climb a mountain on 2 wheels couple says they found out they were pregnant by using a FitBit
Retweeted by FitbitSlip into something a little more motivating with the all-new #FitbitAlta
Hear @DeanKarnazes speak at the #LAMarathon Expo Saturday Feb. 13 at 12:30pm and steal his tips for race day!“Don’t just focus on reaching your goal. Enjoy the adventure of getting there.” #MondayMotivation from @SaraHall3. Year of the Monkey! May your year be filled with lots of luck (and steps). #ChineseNewYear
@Hoodrishh That is so sweet! #fitbitfriends #happystepping @GigiG327 Surely your Surge loves you, too! <3 #happysteppingFor game day, legs day and beyond. Get fit in style with #FitbitBlaze #SB50 to the #Broncos! They set a goal, stepped up, dug deep & made it happen. #SB50 @JeffTerrySays That's what we're here for! @TheAvgBlackMan We think she will love it! @amarieferguson A couple laps around the living room should do it! Go get 'em. @DreaMissLady Thanks, Andrea! @ScrapnCreate We. support. that.From party time to gym time and everything in between: #FitbitBlaze #SB50 many steps does it take to get from Santa Clara to Omaha Omaha Omaha? #SB50Halftime: the #SB50 version of a reminder to move.Who knew high steps could get you so close to a goal? #SB50 @ryancodyWHNT agreed! @normaruedaMMA We'd like to see THAT heart rate graph. @RandomActPG Wonder how many steps he's gotten so far today...First, chest bumps. Next, chest dips. #SB50 @raegan_liberty no such thing as too much dancing! @raegan_liberty Must have been some dance!How many steps did you get during your touchdown dance? #SB50Quick fitness tip for #SB50: Every time you hit the dip, do the Dab. #CamFit @mw55 @Macy_Waltrip @Panthers way to go!Do you believe in #BroncosCountry? Or will you #KeepPounding ‘til the end? Tell us where your loyalty lies! #SB50 @mw55 @Macy_Waltrip @Panthers Watch out for those hills! Happy stepping 👟👟They say the best offense is a good defense. Tackle those popular game day snacks with your steps. #SB50
Raising your glass during tomorrow's big game? Raise that step goal, too. #SB50 pizza be calling your name during tomorrow's big game? Offset it with some steps. #SB50
Picking up buffalo wings this Sunday? Offset the calories by picking your feet up, too. #SB50 your plate & ❤️ some love this month with these 12 heart-healthy foods. #GoRedForWomen much stress can take a toll on your heart health. Find out how. #GoRedForWomen ❤️
Fitness ✔️ Fashion ✔️ Explore everything #FitbitAlta has to offer.
We’re excited for you to make motivation your best accessory with the all-new #FitbitAlta: out fitness lovers—today marks the launch of our all-new fitness wristband: #FitbitAlta
Gettin' into some nachos this Sunday? Chip away at those calories with a rush of steps. #SB50 dance moves from choreographer Benjamin Allen will have you sweating in seconds. @Heav3nScent Awesome! Keep it up! #happystepping
Find the perfect gift for romantic walks. Really, really long romantic walks. #ValentinesDay“Balance is key. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.” #MondayMotivation from Fitbit Ambassador @juliannehough.
Keep your eye out for these 10 healthy food trends, coming to a shelf near you:
@Aiiane You’re right on that point, and we will take this feedback to heart. We think you're a stellar candidate. So sorry for the bother.New year, new shoes? Find out when it’s time to buy new workout kicks: #FollowYourFit is your perfect accessory for morning runs, coffee runs & everything in between or standing—both can be bad for your health. Get moving at work with these tips.
@VeronicaWilhite 2/2 To learn more, please head over at: Let us know how this helps! @VeronicaWilhite 1/2 Sorry to hear this. Please try giving your tracker a few restart by doing these steps: the Fitbit app to set a weekly Exercise Goal, then get moving! #FollowYourFit
When Moira M. lost control of her health, Fitbit helped her find her way back to wellness: you lace up your boots or pace around the house, don’t let weather get between you & your goal. #Fitbitisms
@Laura_Scaduto We're cheering you on! #happysteppingTone up and #FollowYourFit with this bodyweight routine designed for on-the-go: you broke the internet with your broken heart & now we’re here to mend it with more than just a hug. DM us so we can help out!“There are 100 reasons why you shouldn’t go walk, but 1000 reasons why you should.” - Yolanda H. #MondayMotivation
@RossRichendrfer Sorry to hear. We've made a change to improve how we calculate active minutes. More info here: to get your zzz’s? Try these 5 yoga poses for more restful sleep. #FollowYourFit out what the new U.S. #dietaryguidelines mean for you and your plate:’s #NationalPeanutButterDay! What’s your favorite way to enjoy this protein-packed snack?
@Jayde_Lisa Welcome to Fitbit fam! #fitbitfriends #happystepping @twaquana Woohoo! We're excited for you! Happy that you're stepping with us! #fitbitfriends #happysteppingStay warm this weekend with these simple and wholesome slow cooker recipes.
Consumer Reports gives “excellent" rating to Fitbit Charge HR & Fitbit Surge with PurePulse™ heart rate tracking. re-tested & found no issues with #Fitbit after lawsuit claiming inaccuracies was filed against the company.
Retweeted by FitbitStay focused on your goals this year with these 3 fitness ideas. #FollowYourFit
Use MobileRun in the Fitbit app to map your routes, get voice cues and control your music. #FollowYourFit @Intrepod Thanks for the update! For a closer look, get in touch with us through our other channels at
@Intrepod Sorry for the inconvenience. Please try these other sync suggestions here: Keep us posted!Fitness looks better than ever with #FitbitBlaze accessory bands in metal, leather & more. how to eat cheese in moderation with these satisfying ideas. 🧀#NationalCheeseLoversDay
Celebrate #NationalPopcornDay with these savory and sweet recipes: a dose of healthy competition? Start a step challenge in the Fitbit app! #FollowYourFit @domprince176 Hi! Fitbit frequently adds support for new devices, so if yours isn't listed (, check back soon!
“...But whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.” —Martin Luther King, Jr. #MLKDay #mondaymotivation
#Fitbit Ambassador @sarahall3 talks about her 2016 #OlympicTrials training. #FollowYourFit
Congrats @ryanhall3 on a great career! We can't wait to see what your next chapter has in store. of #CES2016 best wearable: @Fitbit Blaze via @alphr
Retweeted by FitbitEven healthy eating can be dangerous when taken to the extreme. Read about orthorexia here:
Get more mileage from your treadmill workouts with this video from @CrunchGym #FollowYourFit Exercise Sharing in the Fitbit app to send your workout stats to friends. #FollowYourFit
From workout to night out, #FitbitBlaze has everything you need to get fit in style."Here’s What It’s Actually Like To Own A Fitbit” courtesy of @Buzzfeed:
For Luis, change came from within. He lost 58 lbs & gained confidence. #FollowYourFit your friends in the Fitbit app to stay connected and keep each other motivated all year long. #FollowYourFit
.@carrieunderwood we love healthy competition 💪Especially when it's amongst family! #happystepping.@carrieunderwood no better time to follow in mom’s foot steps than now 😊Is your 2016 intention to increase your step count? Use the Fitbit app to set a daily goal! #FollowYourFit
.@harleypasternak shares how his celebrity clients get fit for the red carpet: #GoldenGlobes among @Inc’s 5 astounding gadgets from @CES #CES2016 weight isn’t as easy as calories in, calories out. Get the full story. #FollowYourFit you eating too much sugar? Get ideas for how to slash your sugar intake & #FollowYourFit
.@mashable ranks #FitbitBlaze among their top picks for best tech at #CES2016! names #FitbitBlaze 1 of the 10 most exciting products at #CES2016 healthy, no-cook oatmeal ideas will change your breakfast overnight. #FollowYourFit that music legend #StevieWonder paid a visit to our booth yesterday 🙌 #FitbitBlaze #CES2016 will never look better MT @juliannehough: So ready to get fit in style w/ #FitbitBlaze 💪 Pre order it today!
We’re thrilled to receive more @CES top pick awards for #FitbitBlaze! 😊 #CES2016
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