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@Ethan_Anderton thanks, booThe response to the first two parts has been incredible so far. Thanks so much for reading and sharing the articles. It means a lot.@moiseschiu but that's why I specified "the continuing adventures of Val & Earl." Reba can come back, too.@moiseschiu yep, I very strongly urged them not to pursue Fantastic Fest with it. Very, very strongly.Would rather get it done right than start cutting corners, dropping cool items for time's sake.I need a little more time to put the finishing touches on Part 3, so it'll likely post Thursday morning.@DrGMLaTulippe Looks like a sign to me...@SteveDunk2 maaaayyyybbbee@keithcalder There are 6 films? I remember 3 and some weird fever dreams.Just secured some last minute contests for the final installment of the Holiday Gift Guide. You nerds like Star Wars?@WinMan42 Variety, I think.Had to double-check the date after looking at my Twitter feed. Tom Cruise in The Mummy and Kevin Bacon returning to Tremors. Not April 1st.I hope that means we're getting Fred Ward back, too. The continuing adventures of Val & Earl sounds like music to my ears.A Tremors TV series starring Kevin Bacon? What? WHAT?!?@Brain74 Thanks, dude. It's much appreciated!And possibly a contest or two (or three or four) thanks to the folks at Titan! @aintitcool I forgive you for getting to play Fallout 4 for 2 weeks before me.@pj_or You're telling me! (and that's what she said)@PeterSHall @themaclennan @Aaron_Morgan My Fallout 4 retirement plan is to build some cool-ass towns and stuff.@PeterSHall @themaclennan @Aaron_Morgan I kinda like that I have something to do once I blast through the quests.@SteveDunk2 They got until tomorrow-ish if they want to make part 3!@SteveDunk2 haha, sadly no Star Wars folks approached me. Tried to hammer Hasbro & Lego. Lego said no, Hasbro I haven't heard back from yet@beta_angel I still gut-laugh when one of the asshole Martians sees a fat lady and exclaims "Wow, a dinosaur!"@StarkTTT phew. Still concerns me, but heart attack averted for now!@StarkTTT screencap? Looks fine on my end.The Books section of the guide is always one of my favorites to compile. Some amazing stuff out there this year: 2 of the Holiday Gift Guide is live! Books, soundtracks, games and much more!'ll notice my highly professional notes, like "Crazy Yoda talking statue thing from Target."BTS of part 3 of the Holiday Guide. So little to do, so much time. #strikethat #reverseit @ElizabethBanks he's got that wild man charming spark in his eye, though. And I'm sorry for flooding your feed, Ms. Banks.@Secretoriginz @ElizabethBanks What about Goggins? I think that'd be pretty righteous.@Secretoriginz @ElizabethBanks Genius! Who'd be a good David? Maybe @prattprattpratt?Shit, meant Cybill. I'm a doofus.I caught it on tape and it's one of my favorite things ever. Listen to me meeting Chevy Chase: met Chevy once while interviewing Donald Glover on the set of Community. Chevy came up and introduced himself as "Sybil Shepherd's Vagina""It's very difficult to be blown in a helicopter, I've tried it." - Chevy Chase on Gilbert Gottfried's podcast. This is amazing.@DrewAtHitFix cursing/blessing of being single or living alone is when you cook for real you have a week's worth of food.@NickdeSemlyen Say hi to my friends at Kualoa for me!@themaclennan @Aaron_Morgan @PeterSHall @XboxOneClips I'm just happy when I have enough space to lay down some sleeping bags...
@SuperStarLord @MondoNews thanks! Got the next posting tomorrow morning and yet one more after that. I got at least 3 days covered...@caseengaines some minor cleanup Part 2 of the Guide is done. Posting tomorrow morning! Now for a little much needed nap...@caseengaines Ha, I like your enthusiasm. Once per article is good for me, but it's up to you! Don't want you piss off your followers!@CarterNixon you and me versus the world. Also encouraged a whole generation of movie talkers.@ohmygrace So, handcuff him to the radiator. Works for me... whoops. I mean, what?@ohmygrace Oh no! Yeah, sleep is the cure. Kick its ass with slumber, that's my secret!@ohmygrace Sold! Now I just gotta finish up the second and third parts and then sleep for a week. :)@ohmygrace If only! That sounds like science fiction to me... So technically behind the times...I'm not below bribing you guys to tweet links to the Guide! I have a few geeky contest items I'm giving away to random Guide Tweeters.If you tweet about the Gift Guide (any of the three parts) over the next few days, make sure to @ me.@hefnatron quit getting so popular!@kevmunroe Thanks! Now pray for me that I can actually get the second and third parts done on time!@joecrotchett @MondoNews Yeah, fixed and added a fancy graphic, too! And it's just part one!@ToddPiken Ha, I'll take it. Still got two more to post, so hope I don't make you regret your words!Lots of surprises in Part 1 of my Holiday Gift Guide, the biggest of which is an exclusive @MondoNews announcement: 1 of my Holiday Gift Guide is live! Hold on to your butts! @MondoNews Nice!!!@martyfnday Part 1 is on its way! Still gotta wait a little bit for 2 and 3, but hopefully one a day until Thanksgiving!If you like @MondoNews I suggest you check out Part 1 of my Holiday Gift Guide for a big announcement. It should be up in about 10 minutes!"All is Lost" My officially licensed Star Wars poster. @EricVespe @headgeek666 @colliderfrosty @Variety @verge @EW
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@HopkoDesigns @headgeek666 @colliderfrosty @Variety @verge @EW Love it! It going on sale anywhere?I know it's just a frost, but this would be highly unusual for Austin in January. #WinterIsComing tweeted the resolution of a month-long cliffhanger. Multiple times.@mozzbomb I do talk about it on Fury Road and Mad Max blus... so it's there, just not featured.I think I've managed to force something Fallout-related in every Holiday Gift Guide category this year, except Blu-Rays...@DrewAtHitFix @ajbowen That's borderline pornographic. For every reason.In the time I've been focused on the Guide I could have built something as beautiful as this: #fallout4@PeterSHall @LimitedPaper since I can't play until the Guide is done this conversation is like an ex-smoker sitting in the smoking section@PeterSHall @LimitedPaper meaning you steal shit a lot?@LimitedPaper I'm gay married to Preston. Tried to cheat on him with Piper and she rebuffed me as well. Total friend-zoned.@LimitedPaper Somebody's in Luuuuuuuuuvvvvvvvv@LimitedPaper @PeterSHall You want Preston and MacCready's loyalty perks, bruv.@LimitedPaper if it makes you feel any better she's totally cool with it.
Holiday Guide update: Some good giveaways and big, big announcement being made in Pt 1, posting in the morning. Stay tuned!@robertjhunt I wasn't arguing with you! I was agreeing!@aaronsagers there's also a difference between fans honestly reacting to something vs a corp just trying to attach their name to a TV event@cutterwhite in this line of work I don't have much choice. It's not the end of the world, just a dick move.@robertjhunt it's also not some excited fan reacting honestly, it's a major corporation just trying to attach their name to the reveal@robertjhunt Tweeting and re-tweeting shit into my timeline feels like a step too far for me.@robertjhunt listen, I get even writing about it and using it as the basis of a story. I choose to visit that site and can blame myselfI think spoiler-phobia is a bit exaggerated most times, but repeatedly tweeting the reveal of a cliffhanger the second it airs? Dick move.Thanks to Deadline, I guess I don't need to watch tonight's Walking Dead. What the fuck is wrong with people?@MRPURPLE1138 honestly don't know. At that price, though, it's worth it just for the movie.@Kyle_Shold agreed. Such a pretty and immaculately designed film. Plus Cruise gives it his all (as usual).@Brandon_Bird I don't get it.@michaelmannman The 3D blu? I know the regular isn't very expensive, but the 3D one was always more expensive.Actually, Kings of Summer is cheap right now, too! $6.99! me, too!@WriterLe Sell Sell Sell!There are other Blu deals, but I'm not gonna subject you to Total Recall Redux and Salt links.The Deep (the 2nd Benchley killer sea creature adaptation Robert Shaw was in) Blu $5.99 - the Stone Blu $4.50 - Blu only $5.99 - Blu $7.99 -
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