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Dan Moren @dmoren Somerville, MA

Storyteller, rocketeer. Slamming evil since MCMLXXX. Host of Inconceivable, The Rebound, and Clockwise.

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Quiche quiche, bang bang. (Is the name of my spy-themed cookbook.) @jabbermaster What a coinkydink!Next week’s @bleedsixcolors sponsorship is open, drop me a line if you’re interested…
Retweeted by Dan Moren @heymermaid Don’t herd me, bro.Yayyyy, Master of None is getting a second season next year! @DanJosef Too late for Robotio anyway. HEY O.Too soon? @jarpad I’ve always assumed that Dean was merely a cover identity for Sam Winchester (using his brothers’ name, naturally). CONFIRM OR DENY. @Legopolis @HollyGoDarkly Uncanny resemblance. @mattalexand It’s all the Labrador Retrievers who wear that hat. @blankbaby I hear they’ll finally acknowledge that Gilmore Girls and Supernatural share a universe. @Harkaway Hell yes. @jasonrbarry @tvtm Really?! (I heard she would juggle with AC if it’s renewed.) @gte I shouldn’t ask about podcasting then, eh?New episode! A funny thing happened on the way to the Ziggurat in the dead city of Kaldinay…
Retweeted by Dan MorenI think this means I am dead. this week’s @reboundcast, we talk about the best apps of years gone by: Aldus PageMaker, WordPerfect, Bento… @chrisphin Excellent point! Thanks! @TomZosh Fixed. Thanks!
@MykeCole You are in command now, Admiral Cole. @kbourgoin @heymermaid @RoboTony @zandperl @esritt Game 3—Disease spreads. Game 4—Australia falls into the ocean. Game 5—WHERE’S THE MOON?! @heymermaid @kbourgoin @RoboTony @zandperl @esritt Not the best angle, but: @kbourgoin @RoboTony @zandperl @heymermaid @esritt S. America is basically a riot zone right now. At least it didn’t get nuked! /cc @JasonT @kbourgoin @zandperl @heymermaid @esritt @RoboTony @angelheartscake I think we’re through the wors—*crushed by falling epidemic*We had the total ability to win our #pandemiclegacy game on my turn but opted to eradicate 2 illnesses. Which we did. And then lost. HUBRIS!
Retweeted by Dan MorenThe first game of Pandemic Legacy we lost because the deck was stacked against us. The second we lost out of the true epidemic:'s almost like @jk_rowling is just making stuff up. just making it up. in the fiction books that she writes.
Retweeted by Dan Moren @dloehr @BodyofBreen Dude. I’m sure I’ve mentioned on The Incomparable that it’s one of my favorite movies of all time. @ShawnKing @BodyofBreen No, it’s one of my favorite movies of all time. Just haven’t watched the Blu-ray yet. @dloehr @BodyofBreen I mean, I’ve seen the movie a dozen times. Mostly on the big screen. Owned the DVD too. @BodyofBreen I have that exact set…and have yet to watch it. @jabbermaster 16 thingies is definitely the new industry standard. @racer154 @atomicxx @antichrista Yes! It is!Clockwise is live! With @atomicxx and @antichrista. live at the top of the hour with guests @atomicxx and @antichrista!
Retweeted by Dan Moren @heymermaid And that is the best portmanteau ever. Ever. EVER.Next time you want to argue about the rules with your DM, remember: Winning in D&D is spending an enjoyable time socializing with friends.
Retweeted by Dan Moren @JohnSkylar @will_wagner It’s interesting, because it’s not a feature you see in other religions, certainly, which often want you to *prove* @JohnSkylar @will_wagner Sure. I studied a bunch of this in college, and I think the inclusiveness grew out of the persecution/Disapora. @JohnSkylar @will_wagner Fair enough! My dad is Jewish and also makes a killer matzo ball, but my non-Jewish mom gets way more into Hanukah. @JohnSkylar @will_wagner Absolutely. I could call myself Jewish, and I do some times, but I’m not really religiously Jewish either. @JohnSkylar @will_wagner You can convert to Judaism, but that doesn’t make you ethnically Jewish. It’s thorny, is all I’m saying. @JohnSkylar @will_wagner Again, just emphasizing the difficulty in ethnicity vs. religion. Same problem doesn’t exist with Christian/Muslim. @JohnSkylar @will_wagner I think we’re going to have to agree to disagree on this one. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @RoboTony @esritt I assume this is Evan exacting revenge for his coat being stolen. @JohnSkylar @will_wagner And yet his own press package says his religion is Jewish. So, again, I’m saying “sticky.” @JohnSkylar @will_wagner Sigh. But are the people REPORTING that Sanders was first reporting on it from a religious or ethnic perspective? @JohnSkylar @will_wagner And this is where it gets sticky, because Judaism is often considered both a religion AND an ethnicity. @JohnSkylar @will_wagner Debatable point.“…because in his store, Manoukian has glued everything, including himself, to the ceiling.”
@heymermaid Yesssss. Possibly my favorite of the series. @scalzi And we had one Jeb!. @Tomtomus I guess we’ll see. @erinliss @siracusa @caseyliss I live only a few miles away and I have never been invited for pizza! 😭🍕 @siracusa @caseyliss @erinliss I wasn’t invited over! @siracusa @caseyliss @erinliss Nobody likes a showoff, John. @erinliss @caseyliss Erin is correct. It is all this recipe, and does not reflect at ALL on the spectacular cooks here. @erinliss @caseyliss One alarm would still have been too many.If Trump wins, fuck Canada: I’m moving to SPACE. @caseyliss @erinliss I think I overcooked my chicken and undercooked my rice. @jabbermaster @samroebuck That is because you need to hit power level 150,000,000 before you can truly understand.I call this dish “Three Alarm Chicken Wings” because that is how many times the smoke detectors went off. @rakdaddy @samroebuck Pocos? Tanies? @rakdaddy Just another part of the sharing is caring economy.The truth about the Apple Maps vans all over Boston is that they were due in Connecticut months ago but they can’t find their way out. @dmoren 1. Tim's into leaf peeping. 2. Schiller's got Bruin tickets 3. "Siri, how do you pronounce Worcester?" 4. Basketball Hall of Fame
Retweeted by Dan MorenSome mysteries in life are simply unknowable. @GW_Civility You literally expressed more positive feeling about the game in that tweet than I did in the entire post. @GW_Civility Uh. What?I’ve never been prouder to be a client than this very moment. @Moltz @gte Alternatively, we sit on the street outside with an upturned Robin Hood cap and wait for the money to pour in. @Moltz @gte And you already live in the area! Maybe we should all go and see if they’ll let us do an Arrowcast panel. @gte Yeeeesssssss..ssss?Had been vaguely considering going to Emerald City Comic Con this year, but only Thu/Fri passes left, so not sure. @rakdaddy TMI.As I reach home, I can now say how impressed I am that my iPhone survived 20 minutes lying in a snowbank on Friday with nary a g⃠l⃠i⃠t⃠c⃠h⃠ @Legopolis Ain’t no party like a Republican party, cause a Republican party has a bunch of old white guys? @dloehr It’s Gift of the Magi. The tea was for the bus driver. @Legopolis There is no party here, Steven. Just sadness.Have to wait 30 minutes for bus. Buy cup of tea. Wait for tea to cool down. Bus arrives first. Tea not allowed in bus. Throw out tea. Sigh.This subway car is cheerfully announcing “last stop!” at every station so I may be in a Final Destination movie. @DanJosef @heymermaid Unanswered for me: what exactly is he doing? @DanJosef But fiction is what I do!One hour flight means I got to hear Marco Rubio tell me 125 more times that Barack Obama knows exactly what he’s doing. @lexfri Oh, I’ll be there. I’LL BE THERE.All right let’s get this plane on the road. The SKY road. @SamSykesSwears Ah, ah, ah—the letter 2, my friend. @SamSykesSwears The answer is Jeff Goldblum. A riddle inside a riddle, you might say. @SamSykesSwears Unless you’re writing fantasy in which case roll 2d8. Sci-fi? D100. Mystery? 3d4. Non-fiction? 1d12. Kidding—no one uses d12 @flargh Well, they’re also in an airport. So they got that going for them. Which is nice. @JasonT See next tweet for irony.Ordered tea at the “non-traditional” Dunkin Donuts and they gave me coffee. Always be on brand, people.These radical Dunkin Donuts with their non-traditional agendas! Dos and Don'ts of Writing: -DON'T talk about writing -DON'T think about writing -DON'T write if you can help it -DO eat cake instead
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@johnaugust Not enough faves available, John. (Are you Mr. Mason?) @will_wagner Godspeed. (Originally typed ‘godpeed’, which might have been more accurate.) @jsnell @J___V______ @moze @lschmeiser I think we’ve been remiss on the Arrowcast, but we’ll remedy that this week! @rakdaddy Tease. @zandperl 👍🏻Every once in a while the “Apple” channel I’ve set up in Google News gets a little weird.
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