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InternationallyPublishedModel.TvPresenter.AspiringEverything.Sportbabe.PaulHeymanGirl.ZooPlayboy.PtvGlobal.Music.Fruitloop. Real kindness seeks no return✌️

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@morgane_kelly2 🍕👌 thoughts on the weather
Retweeted by Delia RoseReally? A willy selfie as ur profile pic? Is this a clever way of warning the girls ur an absolute cock beforehand? giving the #HeadsUp😂They call me crazy 💁
This is me all over 😂✌️ little song writing sesh 😍🎶"I've been drinking whisky😭 I can't protect them😭" Paha ! 😂 up every day and be thankful. Every day is a gift, make the most of it and don't take it for granted.
Retweeted by Delia RoseThis guy @justinbieber 🙌 "I'll show you" - you certainly did Biebs ! Smashing it up 😳 #purpose #MakingHistory
2015😩😩😩 may be an irritating version of Jar Jar Binks however she can certainly take on a helmet or two 😂🍆@antanddec @imacelebrityNot impressed!😑Handing my parcel to a stranger stood near my house when I was inside ! Then I hear nothing back @DXdelivery @Missguided_help😘x
I ask everyone to donate to a charity & tweet me the screenshot 👌 and I'm sorry to hear that "Shane fucks ur mom"😘x beaut 😘 - I get so carried away sometimes #dollydeels 🙈 x If you like the way you look that much ,oh baby you should go and love yourself 🎶🐭
👊💋 you think you are catching feelings but then remember who tf you are😅
Retweeted by Delia Rose
Need one👌 of drama tonight 😏 @louiblake @TJGenas @deliarosee1
Retweeted by Delia Rose to find a guy with a playroom 😩 #FiftyShades
Saving a dog won't change the world. But for that dog, the world changes forever...
Retweeted by Delia Rose👌💗
Hello world !😂😘 X
Retweeted by Delia RoseOn a serious note; always wonder how many peoples farts one inhales on a plane with the recycled air 😷😘😘😘 xxx you are not alone pal , you have 144 followers😂 - and now 145 😘 chin up xPowerful
Retweeted by Delia Rose#AntiBullyingWeek 👊 stay strong you nuggets 💗 😘#ZOOTwitties @ZOOGirls
Retweeted by Delia RoseShe's a knockout! The beautiful, sexy and delicious Delia! 💋💋💋 @deliarosee1
Retweeted by Delia RoseI'm either way too kind for my own good , or a complete prick 😎Simply GORGEOUS!!! @deliarosee1
Retweeted by Delia RoseCan't wait to go to Winter wonderland ! 🎅🎄Never liked that smug looking prick... #StormBarney
Retweeted by Delia RoseJust going to focus on my self not dealing with the bullshit .
Retweeted by Delia RoseI am random as fuck 😎
@thev1ctor at least the hustler don't try play games like every other penis in the country 😂👌😂 I give two chicken 🐓🐓 and half a goat x SURE TO LOOK AT YOURSELF iN THE MiRROR EVERY MORNiNG AND TELL YOURSELF TO BE HUNGRY FOR SUCCESS AND NOT THiRSTY FOR FAME
Retweeted by Delia Rose@Josh_Brennan_ just chilling with your dad 😂 has converted me to a little fan- great taxi driver duties👌 your voice 🙌😂 actually love it ! 👌 is it I can sleep perfectly well on a train &miss my stop yet as soon as I'm tucked up in bed I'm more hyper than a minion in Starbucks😑
😘😘😘 boys are too much 😂😂✋💁 is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy.
Retweeted by Delia RosePamper time for me and the pooch 💁💅🐶No babe . George . George of the jungle watch out for that tree 🎵💪😂"Why is a tarantula trying to tickle my nipple ?😑" 😂 I can see it 👌 choice boss man ! 💪😂can't beat a bit of beans , rice ,kangaroo balls and banter with the cockroaches ✌️ x night writing... 📒 should really sleep 😔
Would smash @imacelebrity easy ! 💪 so good to see it back on #ImACeleb 👏Hell yes mofo ! 👌x comes in all different shapes and sizes 😍 up @AceOfClubs_ you utter spanner 💙🔧@Julio777S no 😑 have you?@Julio777S no 😑 have you ?🙋
Right back at you sweet cheeks !👑💗 gotta love a catchup while trying to solve world hunger 😂👌xxx how soppy and needy we all get near winter 😂 bring on the summer where we all get drunk - get naked , get tanned & don't give a fuck ✌️My miniature dog is snoring like an absolute beast 👊Well I know where we are ending up next time we are drunk 😆✌️💉, sleep, pose repeat 😂✌️ @HeymanHustle #PaulHeymangirl #strongisthenewsexy❤️
Retweeted by Delia RoseHuman himself choose to be bad or good not religion . #MuslimsAreNotTerrorist
Retweeted by Delia RoseWith all the worry of "doomsday" -it will be human to cause loss of the planet ;but not darkness🇫🇷 #PrayersForParis some things..are best left unsaid as the world is just not ready yet 🙌Some things are best left unspoken to those who refuse to open their minds ✋
@_mitchjp space invader 👽Words are nothing , actions on the other hand ..✌️May have to make a new twitter 😩 fucking hackers 👀 a 10 hour flight... I've still got that Friday feeling! Boobs to the bar 😈@kerriecowan as Alicia Dixon would say "breathe slow" my dear 😘 x@thedanheron @HackerGeorge 😂✊
@Dafeee_Close no man just no 😂✋👀 in good time 😆 ...🌺
@Georgiou83 actions speak louder than words -and also speak louder than gifts ,my sweet ✌️We even look alike 🐶 hope she hasn't set fire to your house yet 🙈 xx me to forget a converter plug 😆 absolute lemon 🍋Aaaah I don't want to leave here already ... And it's only been 4 hours 😂✌️🇺🇸
I would rather just be friends with someone who clearly doesn't want me chasing - it's simple 😂 bros before hoes 👌😘 xxx popping to the U.S 🇺🇸😘Thankyou you little beauty !☺️💗👑 x'm single because I want something real not some two week bullshit
Retweeted by Delia Rose@PonceDeLeioun only a week babe - coming to see you soon ! 😘 #MusicvibesKaraoke voice note session whilst I'm on the plane waiting to take off ? Consider it done my friend 😂x #jazzhands 😂 stroke her head while she is charging #HumansThat was cuteeee 😘 would settle for some good luck once in a while 😩 x
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