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Director, UChicago Institute of Politics. Senior Political Commentator @CNN. Host, The Axe Files, Views expressed here are my own.

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Stupid! #superbowl50Few things make you more aware of the passage of time than watching your boyhood football icons limp out to take a bow! #SuperBowlOk, Trumpsters. I concede I misread. @realDonaldTrump learned little from Iowa and ISN'T lowering expectations!"If I came in 2d or 3d I'd be thrilled," @realDonaldTrump tells @DanaBashCNN. Burned by IA, he plays down NH expectations. #UnnaturalActCrazy as these public polls are, even WITH them you are often flying in the blind! point! try to swear off public polling, but habit's hard to kick. I'll be eager 2 see 1st post debate tracker to see if @marcorubio paid a price.Come to think of it, that Dan Hicks song "How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away?" may be tune several candidates hear from NH voters.Sad to hear of the passing of troubadour Dan Hicks, author of the greatest song title ever: How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away? RIP
On abortion, @marcorubio tries to clean up his "no exceptions" position from first debate, which would haunt him in a general. #GOPDebateMy guess is @jebbush is hoping that back from the dead story becomes a metaphor for his campaign. #GOPDebateFeels like @marcorubio has regained his footing a little. Question is it too little too late to redeem his dismal start? #GOPDebateNow @ChrisChristie is hammering @marcorubio, by implication, for demonizing the Muslim community. #GOPDebateI wonder if passionate pro-torture declaration helps stoke up @realDonaldTrump base? #GOPDebateDon't know about his answers, but I find @RealBenCarson 's gifted hands transfixing. #GOPDebateWonder if when @jebbush speaks of "learning the lessons of history" he is acknowledging the mistakes of Iraq? #GOPDebateYou get the feeling @MarthaRaddatz doesn't have a high regard for @tedcruz mastery of national security issues. #GOPDebateFeels like @ChrisChristie just repudiated his own tax policy? Did I hear that right? #GOPDebateTelling that @ChrisChristie bypasses a chance to hit @JohnKasich and goes right back to hitting @Marcorubio. #GOPDebateIf there were a Safe Driver Award in this race, @johnkasich would win.#GOPDebate1st round: Good night, @jebbush. Bullseye for @marcorubio basher @ChrisChristie. Bad night 4 @realDonaldTrump. Horrific 4 Rubio. #GOPDebateClark Kent just had a Superman moment, when @jebbush spanked @realDonaldTrump, who is losing it right now. #GOPDebateI thought most people would thing Eminent Domain is a champagne. But apparently a lot of Rs do, and don't like it. #GOPDebateIf each family becomes it's own insurance company, @RealBenCarson, can they also have their own Pacs? #GOPDebateOdd that "repealing every word of Obamacare" gets only tepid appIause for @tedcruz. #GOPdebateMaybe @realDonaldTrump meant the MEXICAN government will pay for health care! #GOPDebate"That's not what leadership is. That's what Congress is." @ChrisChristie continues his assault on @marcorubio. #GOPDebateInteresting. @JohnKasich continues to run what seems like a good general election strategy. Where does it lead in primaries? #GOPDebateWonder if @ChrisChristie felt @netanyahu & Israel were weak when they traded 1000 prisoners for Gilad Shalit? #GOPDebateBig dispute: @barackobama knows exactly what he is doing versus he doesn't know what he's doing. #GOPDebateFinally called on to speak, @JohnKasich goes negative on people going negative. Consistent with his campaign theme. #GOPDebateThat was brutal for @marcorubio. #GOPDebateAnd I bet the other candidates don't mind a bit bringing in a little Jersey muscle to work @marcorubio over. #GOPDebateNow @ChrisChristie is going full Jersey on @marcorubio. #GOPdebate"Not leadership. Truancy." Imagine if @ChrisChristie didn't like @marcorubio. #GOPdebateWeird, gratuitous swipe at @JoeBiden by @marcorubio. Stick to the players on the field, man! #GOPDebateTedious #GOPDebateOr why didn't @tedcruz just lend him a suit so he didn't have to go home for fresh clothes? #GOPDebateMy God, @RealBenCarson, you WERE introduced Number two! #GOPDebateKind of a whiff by @tedcruz. He won't take say in front of @realDonaldTrump what he said behind his back.#GOPDebateHaving missed the last debate, @realDonaldTrump dumps his whole message load in first answer. #GOPDebateHe loves the Danes and they love him! #GOPDebateAlready a bad night for @RealBenCarson and the questioning hasn't begun! #GOPDebateUMass tracker has @realDonaldTrump ticking up; @marcorubio down. Globe has Rubio closing on Trump. Something for everyone! #pollingmadnessConundrum for Dems: @HillaryClinton has horses to power to nomination, but risks leaving young Berniacs behind. '08, an off key line-"You're likable enough, Hillary"-in Sat nite, pre-primary debate haunted @barackobama. Big stakes for @GOPers 2nite.In NH, it's all about mo. @BostonGlobe #s this AM show @marcorubio & @HillaryClinton closing. Even tight seconds would be wins for both.
.@PeteDominick Thanks for having me! I enjoyed it.No one can be rooting harder 4 @realDonaldTrump in NH than TV news execs. A 2d loss & the greatest reality show in politics would be over.Wonder if @marcorubio will demand that his OPPONENTS pass through a metal detector before tomorrow night's debate? He's surely the target.Take it from me, a guy who still has NH tire tracks on his back: Take nothing for granted in the Granite State!
What started as a brawl ends in a hug. #DemDebateSending end, each make closing arguments. #DemDebateClear difference on death penalty. #DemDebateWhy in the world did @SenSanders go down the rabbit hole of explaining/defending campaign materials? NG. #DemDebateSmart of @HillaryClinton to mostly slip this question about @SenSanders electability. #DemDebate.@SenSanders missed opportunity to say his principles aren't seasonal. #DemDebatePretty clearly, @HillaryClinton is better fortified for these questions in debate against @GOP. #DemDebateBy the same token, @SenSanders seems less enthused about nat security questions, where he seems like he is checking boxes. #DemDebateAmazing how different @HillaryClinton disposition is when she gets these nat security Qs, which she handles so confidently. #DemDebateGoldman Sachs guys must have gotten tired of hearing the bin laden story by the third speech. #demdebateClever of @SenSanders to compare treatment of Wall Street execs to harsh treatment of kid busted for marijuana. Twofer. #DemDebateThis is one hell of a donnybrook. #DemDebate @HillaryClinton says she finds @SenSanders point calling her establishment candidate "amusing" but she didn't seem that amused. #DemDebateLongest-serving independent in Congress not bad positioning in NH, where Indys play big. #DemDebateNot fair to say @SenSanders is manufacturing differences. They have them. #DemDebateGood question from @chucktodd on whether @BarackObama is a progressive by @SenSanders standards. Bernie had doubts in '11. #DemDebateOperative phrases: "wage a political revolution; "progressive who gets results." #DemDebateYou have the sense @HillaryClinton was expecting that "are you a progressive" question! #DemDebatePretty clear contrast right from the start: "revolution" versus evolution. #DemDebateWatching smirking Rx gouger, Martin Shkreli, mug before Congress, he reminded me of no one so much as James Holmes, the CO mass murderer.Political & history nerd from birth! Timely AxeFIles w/@jmartNYT, top pol writer @nytimes. the jockey speaking for the horse? @MikeBloomberg pollster Schoen argues in @WSJ for mayor's candidacy if Clinton & Trump or Cruz emerge.In last gasp effort to stop @marcorubio, @jebbush is counting on muscle from Jersey. You gotta problem with that? one moment perfectly captures the Clinton-Sanders war over progressivism
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But legit case to say she wants to make a difference and not just a statement. This will continue to be core of debate. #DemTownHallIn answering question about why young should vote for her, @HillaryClinton spends too much time talking about HER & not THEM. #DemTownHallThe turn she just made on the hideous epidemic of addiction in NH and elsewhere was powerful. #DemTownHallSpeaking fee question awkward terrain. #DemTownHallWonder how many folks believe that @HillaryClinton never thought about running for POTUS? #DemTownHallThe guy who doesn't work out every day! she was laying on the pitch, as we say in baseball! #DemTownHall"How are you going to defend yourself against right wing attacks" seems like a question submitted by campaign! #DemTownHallShe's right. Iraq vote was a mistake. #DemTownHallIsn't point that if you have a draft registration, men and women should be treated equally? @HillaryClinton kind of punted. #DemTownHallVery straightforward answer from @HillaryClinton on use of force. #DemTownHallI guess at our age 45 plus ARE young people! end of life issue is so important. People deserve the right to die with dignity. #DemTownHallStrong @HillaryClinton answer on high court. #DemTownHallThis is core difference: @hillaryclinton says she'll fight within system to protect gains. @SenSanders takes aim at system. #DemTownHallSmart retort from @HillaryClinton on def of progressive, noting @BarackObama & others who would be ruled out by @SenSanders. #DemTownHallBoth candidates expectation setting downwards. #DemTownHallOn the whole, a profitable hour for @SenSanders--and voters. These Town Halls are more revealing than debates. #DemTownHallAge break in IA caucuses were stark. Under 30, @SenSanders won by six-to-one. @HillaryClinton crushed him with folks over 65. #DemTownHall"And I am Bernie Sanders!" #DemTownHallThere is no doubt @SenSanders was among those on Left who mused in 2011 about a challenge to @BarackObama. #DemTownHallOn this, @SenSanders does set himself up for counter on guns, where he voted his state rather than his progressive principles. #DemTownHallAge question is awkward but valid. POTUS is a crushing job. I have seen what it takes out of the person who bears burden. #DemTownHallThese are great questions. #DemTownHallThese criminal justice questions may be the most important @sensanders will handle, not 4 NH, but SC, where he is well behind. #DemTownHall
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