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on my journey to the moon, i trip, spill stuff, pretend im a fairy, and eat a lot of bananas.

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B E L I E V E I N L O V EDID ANYBODY ELSE JUST BURST INTO SOBS WATCHING THE HALFTIME SHOW OR WAS THAT JUST ME"because that's what people do. they leap and hope to God they can fly."im gonna be 80 years old still getting DOWN to glamorous by fergieloved the 1975 on SNL tonight, i think they're brilliant
this is one of the most powerful images ever. music with a message. beyonce killed this video. #BlackLivesMatter natural BLACK HAIR 2nd pic = Don't Shoot 3rd = Hurricane Katrina 4th = Black Female unity #BlackHistoryMonth
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYoi can't wait to watch this new "how to be single" movie, i mean I'm already pretty much an expert but u can always learn something
.@SiriusXMHits1 @ShawnMendes woooooopppp !!!!!! lots of love X.@rowblanchard @imeet_theworld love ❤️love only
all you can do is take the pain and try to turn it into something beautiful.this is my chill vibes playlist that I've been listening to a lot lately (especially before i sleep) ♫ ALEX!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️Fans Start A Charity Fundraiser In Honor of Camila Cabello’s Birthday
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYo.@CelebMix this is so incredible. best people in the world @defencekarla @sleepingatlast hi guys!!!!!! happy birthday lovely Xhey guys. remember to not text while coming down the stairs. bad things will happen
thank u so much for our #KCA nomination #Vote5H 💕 cannot wait for you guys to hear this new album, you are going to FREEEEEEAK
@bruhferreira this is so pretty Bruna!!!!
2016 is definitely the happiest playlist I've ever made LOL. these songs sound like love. 💓 ♫'re just like rain in California.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ YAY taylorswift @serayahlove @clexasaloha @laurensriptide @camilasadlibs @LernJergiEffect @DOMINIQTRIX love ❤️.@ShawnMendes & @camilacabello97's #IKWYDLS officially reaches pop radio's Top 10.
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYo.@iHeartRadio thank you!!!! lots of love x
.@SaturdayOnline @ShawnMendes @OnAirRomeo HAHAHHAHAHAgot frustrated with this one bar chord and took all my frustration out on this selfie @classicbeer_ 19??? @MikeyPiff ❤️❤️ love you mikeylove only. 💓 @THIRSTYWILKS hi daughter im well how are you? im well and very hungryHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WASSAAAAAAPPPPPP
i live for long drives listening to music
2016 IIIIIIILL BE YOUR CRYIN SHOULDE- HE-ERme talking about my dog: "honestly ringo is such a good person" @ThisIsMax @ShawnMendes make him sing in Spanish again and send me a vid!! Hahahahhaha @TeenVogue thank u 4 the nice, guys 🤘🏼💗.@ThisIsMax 💞💞💞 God I miss you.@PoemsPorn this is so powerful
#BellLetsTalk every tweet and retweet donates 5 cents to mental illness resources. 💙.@CapitalOfficial u guys are so sweet :) thank you!!Can't get enough of @JustinBieber's #LoveYourself? @FifthHarmony's @CamilaCabello97 has done a BEAUTIFUL cover:
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYo.@HowToBeSingle @HaileeSteinfeld @FifthHarmony @charli_xcx @Avicii this is so cool!!!! this movie looks hilarious, so excited to watch 🤘🏼💓kinda sorta eating healthy, kinda sorta living my life to the fullest so i got avocado toast a Caesar salad & 3 scoops of chocolate icecream.@cabEYomyeggo i wish I could explain. LOL @bloomila you're so important to me too 💞 take care of you. love youlookin thru all of my tweets wondering why i am so emotell me is it loud where you are, dear? cause there's a silence here
if i die saying "life is beautiful", nothing else is important
but your poison was the cure. by accident, you showed me how to love myself.playin around #1 lol around #2. lol, i came up with this lil bridge part for fun you. is SO cool!!!!! i know what u did last summer as a Spanish duet- and their vocals are so sick. i love this JUST DROVE AND THERE ARE NO CASUALTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!"i want the fairytale."
@SaturdayOnline @ShawnMendes thank you guys x lots of loveThe most requested song of the hour is @ShawnMendes & @camilacabello97 #IKWYDLS #NowPlaying on #SaturdayNightOnline!
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYo @BuzzFeedFood ....this is beautifulthere is a very satisfying feeling that comes with making ur own eggs in the morning❤️❤️❤️
but i see angels in your eyes. u guys a lot. gonna go make nachosgirls that support "girl empowerment" but will stop at NOTHING trying to tear each other down. we did not come all this way 4 u to b petty.honestly i don't get people that go on Twitter just to hate. isn't that exhausting? u must be so tired? love urself. take a nap or somethingshoot me with your words. cut me with your eyes. kill me with your hatefulness. still, like air, i'll rise." 🖖🏼ask yourself..... "what would drake do?" @Wallpaper i don't know what this means and yet i laughed at it for 3 minutes.@JoJoWright @believeingosh it's incredible. and she's amazing!! you too jojo send my love to the fam 💕.@believeingosh wow. I'm so honored you would get tattooed :') it looks beautiful on you, love you so muchHey @camilacabello97, take a look at @believeingosh's tattoo inspired by U! Hope all is good! ✌🏼
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYo.@ShawnMendesNews @Shazam @ShawnMendes how are you guys so amazing?!love only. 💞.@avaxcabello i am definitely crying. i love you more than words can say.i want to see people and i want to see lights. @Shazam @ShawnMendes OMG THATS SO COOL
@JoeyKingActress @jackh_fernandes and u r my favorite cup of orange juiceEste domingo en #40GlobalShow18 escucharemos por 1a vez para 11 países el dueto de @ShawnMendes y @camilacabello97 👍👌🔝
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYoTHESE SNAPCHAT FILTERS ARE SO ENTERTAINING @ShawnMendes and @camilacabello97 IKWYDLS is in the countdown at number 7.. About to play it!
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYowhen it's 4 am and u need sleep because u have to wake up early and ur stressing out about needing to sleep so u can't sleep MAKE IT STOP @allydefense so cute !!!!! 💘💘💘 i have one for you. happy by nevershoutnever @LernJergiEffect UGH i have to check the washing machine but the paint didn't come off my pants and when i think about it I am UPSET @camilacabello97 find your inner beauty
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYo @defencekarla so so so so so sweet 💞💞 love u endlesslythe #songstocamila tag is so cute 💕 thank you guys- you make me smile @wakeupdmb these lyrics are so profound and they're from frozen
i cried watching the high school musical reunion don't look at mewoohooo!!!! our @candiesbrand #CandiesBOSS Campaign launched today :) check out the clothes!!!!…"Never Have I Ever" feat. @camilacabello97 @LaurenJauregui @NormaniKordei @dinahjane97 @AllyBrooke. Missing you!
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYoMUAAAAAAAAAAA. besos Xavi!!!!!!! can't wait to see you again!! @xavimartinez 💞💞💞 back at you, i heart u 2💙💚💙💜nobody believes me when i say this is how my sister sleeps. U COMFORTABLE BRUH? is one of my favorite songs in the history of ever. sets my heart on fire
YAAAAAAAS @iHeartRadio ❤️ thank u so much!!! #1YearOfWorthIt✨ Happy #1YearOfWorthIt, @FifthHarmony
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYo @2amcabeIIo u know how Twitter puts the translate to English option? The translation isn't accurate so don't listen to it lmao
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