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Marcos_El_Malo @Marcos_El_Malo SMA, GTO, MX & L.A.,CA,USA

Rabid music fan, dog lover, adventurer, now living in Mexico. I guess I should mention that I'm a writer, too.

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@stereowilliams I've been absent from twitter, but i wanted to say Great Job on and other articles on DB
Answer by Kamal Kishor Sharma to What are the most productive ways to spend time on the Internet?
#herreranorteno #de4l @drewestatecigar
@JohnPurcell3rd I’ve been super busy and find I can’t tweet in moderation.
READ: SPLC Founder Morris Dees on 'The Promise of the Civil Rights Act’ 50 years later:
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Great work, @tonybuttitta Did you get any other shots of signs with the disease theme?
Walk, unite, heal. Nation to nation Coast to coast. We will stop the destruction. #tarsands #healingwalk pic @WCELaw
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloI hate seeing this kind of Twitter drama unfold (esp on a Sat night) but I hate more to imagine if my neck was held to the ground by SFPD.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloTwitter DMs are like being able to whisper to someone on the other side of a packed stadium in perfect clarity
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloCute Asian baby reacts to reading Internet comments for first time! No, wait, he's eating a lemon.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloAnd as U can see by the accounts here, the use of force on our native women is just as ugly. #NotAllCops
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo@jfkeeler @NativeMensMag @SFGiants the aggression came from the misappropriators, security and SFPD
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloRead it, let Ur emotions flow, then tweet it #NotAllCops R unnecessarily rough, but when they R, it's @SFGiants NAHN
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloThe Most Uber Wedding Ever, in which the Uber fails to show up
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloFun fact: When my kid watches "Terminator" I will have to explain the concept of a phonebook, but not an autonomous robot killing machine.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloARENT THE FIRST RECORDED GAMES OF FOOTBALL IN THE AMERICAS in Columbus' chronicles; describing taíno "bateys"? @vasocialist @curlew
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo@blogdiva @curlew football/soccer was in the US in the 1850s, American football wasnt until the late 1800s So really soccer is more American
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo@blogdiva @curlew I've oft maintained that we should just call soccer "football" and officially call American football "FOOTBALL!!!!"
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo#NotAllCops will forcibly detain Natives but when they do it's at @SFGiants Native Heritage Night. WHAT AN HONOR!...
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloFranz Ferdinand was assassinated 100 years ago today. it is one of Obama's earliest known distractions from Benghazi.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloSo this happened, we R trying to bring awareness to it, local media won't cover it, can we get some chatter twitter?
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloWomen are constantly being advised to “lean in.” But when it comes to negotiating at work, this advice may backfire:
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloNative Americans assaulted by cops at @SFGiants stadium 4 asking other fan to remove headdress! #IndianRemovalAct2014I made poundcake cupcakes. The world is right again.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloI'll step on your shadow head idgaf
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloIrony of Native Americans forcefully removed from @SFGiants N.A. appreciation night missed by @SFChron_sports #IndianRemovalAct2014April & Kimball Interview @KPFA about #SFPD Assault over Headdress at @SFGiants game #NotAllCops #NotYourMascot
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloNot a good look Giants: How @SFGiants Celebrate Native Heritage Night #RespectNativeCulture #NotYourMascot
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloRT @MizzMercy Woman detained for protesting fake headdress at Giants game. Man who filmed it tossed in paddy wagon
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo#NotAllCops think body slamming Native Americans is ok when some guy is trashing sacred cultural items- @SFGiants
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloRT @Lunachick @SFGiants harass/eject Native people who ask fan to take off headdress on Native Am. Heritage Night
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloYou don't choose twitter Twitter chooses you
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloApril & Kimball Interview @KPFA about #SFPD Assault over Headdress at @SFGiants game #NotAllCops #NotYourMascot
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloUS opposes “a paradigm shift toward a rights-based approach on access to medicines.” @ViVacious1313
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo#NotAllCops want to arrest the Native guy when cultural appropriation is worse than flipping off his family!
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloRT @UrbanNativeEra Sad to hear this actually happened at a #SFGiants game on "Native American Appreciation Day"...
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo#NotAllCops should hear "Native American Heritage Night" and round up the Native Americans--not about their heritage!
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloMT @saaylooli "Not surprised seeing ignorant people in headdress-surprised they do it at Native Heritage Night & #SFGiants would allow it."
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloTranscript of April Negrette's assault by #SFPD during Native Am Heritage Night at @sfgiants game #NotAllCops
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloTranscript of April Negrette's assault by SFPD officers during Native American Heritage Night SFGiants. #NotAllCops
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloJournalist Barrett Brown detained by the #US govt for 654 days, without trial, is a victim of #Obama's withdrawal of Habeas Corpus via #NDAA
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloJournalist Barrett Brown has been detained by the US govt for 654 days, or nearly 16,000 hrs, without being sentenced
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloTranscript of April Negrette's assault by SFPD officers during Native American Heritage Night SFGiants. #NotAllCops
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo@SFGate @sfchronicle have you seen this? #NotYourMascot #RespectNativeCulture #NotAllCops
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloMT @bighorseva This is my older brother, Kimball, and his friend. For me, the video is emotionally distressing.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloNative News Online on San Francisco Giants Headdress debacle & SFPD brutality against Natives. #NotYourMascot...
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloWhy do we have to keep putting up with this? It's 2014. Stop using and abusing Native people #IndianRemovalAct2014 @SFGateNews #SFPD
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloNatives Forcibly detained at SF Giants' Native American Heritage Night - @CNN @HuffPostSports @FOXSports @ESPNagora
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo(Proof)reading is fundamental.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloCongratulations to @EllenDatlow, Locus Award winner for best editor:
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo#NotAllSportsWriters failed to get the story on #IndianRemovalAct2014, but @hankschulman it’s your frikkin’ beat!@SFGiants @jfkeeler this is how a headdress is really earned. #notyourmascot #indianremoval2014 #notallcops
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloPlz read, #sfgiants fans. MT @IndigeniusIdeas: Native Americans Detained For Protesting Fake Headdress … @ByErikBrady
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo#sfgaints Native Heritage Night historically accurate: Natives silenced/detained for protesting offensive headdress #IndianRemovalAct2014
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo#sfgiants celebrate Natives by allowing fake headdresses, silencing/detaining NDN protesters. #IndianRemovalAct2014
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloCheck out @SFGiants Headdress debacle & SFPD brutality against Natives. #NotYourMascot... #NotAllCops #NotYourMascot
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloThis dude -> @onekiowa said all this. White dude in headdress is okay, NDN who speaks up is wrong. Wha? #IndianRemovalAct2014 #NotAllCops
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo#NotAllCops think "Native American Heritage Night" means @SFGiants #IndianRemovalAct2014 & some privileged 2 stay!
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo#NotAllCops will forcibly detain Natives but when they do it's at @SFGiants Native Heritage Night. WHAT AN HONOR! #IndianRemovalAct2014
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloThis is yet another reminder that our bodies and emotions are expendable and worthless to powers that be #IndianRemovalAct2014 #SFPD
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Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloTom Waits for every man.
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Just tried making that rice cooker pancake thing. @ImNotYourMascot @TawniVixen @Mark_J_Boyle @jfkeeler explain how it is stealing his property? How is he deprived of use?“@dtafakari: RT if you sometimes keep your clean clothes in the laundry basket because folding is too much” 2 baskets: clean, not that dirty
@TriciaLockwood I both love it and hate it when you bring in politics.Last night I physically sat on a man so he would listen to my theory about how "Blade Runner is, at its heart, a movie about crown molding"
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloBottom line: with every innovation ask "Who is better off because of this?" If it's only six people at a hedge fund, maybe it's not cool.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloWhen PoC join the capitalistic white supremacist imperialist dirty political machine, it's on us to call them out. I believe, at least.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloHe better be home-schooled. RT “@desusnice: Lil dude living in constant fear of that 3pm school yard let out
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo@bookbooster @TheWeek @jfkeeler # 1 rule of modern conservatism: anything and everything can be spun to #blameObama. #Rskins #NotYourMascotI need to notify @BillyIdol that there has been a terrible misunderstanding. #rebelyell@tiffanyreisz It was actually tragedy + comedy = time that is the name of @pattonoswalt album, but close enough. #math #properties@blogdiva Thank you for lines of inquiry, viewpoint. You’re one of the most generous tweeters, Liza. @felix_sanchez @UnivisionSportsThank you @latinorebels for that link to Rosa Clemente video on Colorlines cc: @jamilahkingInterestingly I am just now watching the Rosa Clemente video and just got 2 discussion on comments @blogdiva @felix_sanchez @UnivisionSports@blogdiva @felix_sanchez @UnivisionSports por eso, I hesitate to criticize. But I was disgusted and upset by what I read.@blogdiva if you mean me, I’m it even Latino, ni negro. @felix_sanchez @UnivisionSportsThe Emancipation Proclamation didn’t actually free all of the slaves
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo@ShimminyKricket @TonySpr1996 LOL, it’s just a writing exercise, not fit for reading. I crank out 750 words as fast as I can.@ShimminyKricket @TonySpr1996 thank you both for giving me material 4 my morning writing exercise where I write about whatever I am thinking@ShimminyKricket @TonySpr1996 what’s the first thing a school child learns about Lincoln? Lincoln freed the slaves.@ShimminyKricket @TonySpr1996 I can speak for current school history books, but growing up I was indoctrinated in cult of Lincoln.@TonySpr1996 @ShimminyKricket which is a good point! I agree that hero worship of Lincoln is a problem.@TonySpr1996 @ShimminyKricket That’s a jump from secondary importance to not really important. ijs. You make interesting points regardlessI'd like to see the development of social media platforms that remove ownership of content from the hands of corp media. #SaturdaySchool
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloWho will speak for the Vikings? 5 common historical misconceptions Does this mean there will be no Adam Sandler Border Singer movie?Scholars of ethnic/multicultural children's lit work in the shadows while mainstream kids lit scholars discover ethnic studies.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo@SpeakWriteLove backatcha!"@trutherbot:" Almost senseless.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo@PalmTreesnGz Have a safe and fun trip!@sabokitty you misspelled GOP@PalmTreesnGz you will be missed. No Internet cafes where you are going?@felix_sanchez I was totally disgusted by comments I saw on FB. You were amazing wading in fighting antiblacknss @blogdiva @UnivisionSportsAbout to go live on @smerconish on @CNN.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloAnxiously awaiting @SimonMoyaSmith on @smerconish on @CNN @ 9:00am EST. What headline will B rewritten 4 the @Redskins? @nzimmett
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo@GustavoArellano Mixed up your video on puto with another from @latinorebels on moreno. Sorry, mang. I’m not awake.
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