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Katie @Kater_tot Brooklyn, NY

I'm a little lamb who's lost in the wood

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Reverse Tweets Keys - No One (September 2007)
Retweeted by Katie"Abner looks like a baby baboon when he's pooping!" - observations from my father πŸ’Nursing educators are laying the groundwork for VR to better educate college women about high-risk sexual behavior!πŸ™Œ
Anti-Muslim is anti-American, writes @CharlesMBlow via @nytopinion
Retweeted by KatieWhat the fuck is wrong with people??? How do people think it's ok to applaud terrorists?
Retweeted by Katie@grisuy @juliakatherine I was just at Macy's and now I feel murderous. Big mistake.@kylef Whole new meaning to #ballsohard πŸ˜‘Used the word "ballin'" to my mother in reference to making $$, and she said in the 60's it was used to describe people who were "doing it."Heartwarming animated short by @Disney ❀🐾 I come home to Ohio, I crave NY pizza. Even at 6 am.
@naufalsanaullah @ChinaNewsDaily Uber tells me his name is Moutari and he would have appreciated this RT.@Jessica_Effect "you'll be cool when you listen to good music." cc @naufalsanaullahWhen @Jessica_Effect signs your middle school yearbook and offers great wisdom... @noahsolo Truuu. South wburg is mandating every resident commute via hoverboard by 2016 or they won't throw your dog bacon.Eastman Johnson's "Feeding the Turkey" depicts #Thanksgiving preparation of the 19th-century
Retweeted by KatieOn this day, I gift to you my dazzling Thanksgiving playlist. Ideal for cooking and/or background music! Cheers! 🎢
Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke: "Music goes in phases of being completely brain dead or not”:
Retweeted by Katie@jp730 "Spike your best friend's eggnog..."@naufalsanaullah mhmmmm of the biggest names in music are getting into the marijuana business
Retweeted by Katie@AmericanAir Been on hold so long that I'm actually starting to enjoy the ambient hold music.The morbid, beautifully illustrated history of Victorian surgery.
Never tired of ballin' so it's on to the next sport Jordan - This Is How We Do It
Retweeted by Katie@k_ved @umarjones Def down but only to watch @BromonaTheBrave troll you!*clicks @Spotify Private Session* *Listens to Eddie Vedder ukulele songs on repeat*@SarahNEmerson I just bought Abner an argyle sweater (which he hates), but he's 1 step closer to eating from a plate & pooping in the toilet@k_ved @umarjones Agreed. It's a quick onset, but you still have some time to buy, bro.Do neural networks dream of electric cats? They do now:
Retweeted by KatieGood feels, twitter fam❀
@naufalsanaullah "...better than breakfast in bed."
Accidentally shattered the screen on my work phone and now it looks like a trap phone. 😞Perfectly poised while every human around me is a drunken buffoon. #tgif@raisedinthecity Story of my life except champagne.@k_ved Respect @kanyewest! 5 year anniversary of MBDTF today!@tinkermellie Best of the best, girlKanye West's Perfect Imperfections: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy at Five and sweet, clad in black'Paris Is A Party': Responding To Tragedy, France Turns To Hemingway You be talking boss, saying big words, like philosophies, man you weird homie.@KWALRULES Yes, please.@stphnbckr @LoPrynne "capture the flag" LOLsWe apologize for the original image here. Zayn Malik is mentioned in the story, but is obviously not part of ISIS.
Retweeted by Katie@hassankhan Was just telling @Jessica_Effect that if some of them would shave... Damn. But her response? "They'll KILL YOU!"@DeirdreKoala WORD.@shane_minn Correct. Time ceases to exist in airports.Ranking the tracks on Kanye West's β€˜My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ five years later
Retweeted by Katie"When I sing for myself, I probably sing for anyone who has any kind of hurt...” - Etta James
Retweeted by Katie@pavy
"New York City is a big magnet. I try to leave but this city keeps me here against my will!" -- @Uber driverDrake - Best I Ever Had (February 2009)
Retweeted by KatieParis bookstores are selling out of Ernest Hemingway's β€œA Moveable Feast”
Retweeted by Katie
@AllisonCain_ Good work.@hassankhan Ultimate subtweet to non-twitter user/stalkerJust because you try to outlaw abortion doesn't mean it ceases to exist.
Retweeted by Katie@dasan just discovered Google Trends and now all hopes for work productivity is gone. bye. @GoogleTrendsWhat's in a name? Nothing good for Isis Pharmaceuticals
Retweeted by Katie
They have guns. We have flowers. Talking to kids at different ages about Paris:
Retweeted by KatieWhat Happens to Your Body When You Stay Up For More Than 24 Hours? Spoiler: It's not good. Fact: A Tanuki is a Japanese raccoon dog with a disproportionately large scrotum, where in Japanese folklore, they used them as drums!Apparently, statue I snapped a pic of last night is a Tanuki & I was equally fascinated by it 3 years ago (right)
There's a Brussels Griffon on a billboard in Time Square!!! Not as cute as Abner though, but beard is on point!😏❀🎢 Does Bill Paxton have his own bench dedicated to his superior acting skills? NO. @KendrickLamar to Springsteen, these artists' lyrics talk politics, race & more
Retweeted by Katie
If he doesn't agree to play Biggie at your funeral, dump his ass.This little fella just vom'd 3 times. Here's a shot of his pukey beard.
@juanyfbaby Those abs tho!!!@Kater_tot autonomous and in possession of disposable income πŸ’―
Retweeted by KatieOn a scale of 1 to super lazy, how bad am I to take an uber to a place that's an 8 min walk away?@hassankhan "porn sensei" should be your new twitter handleThese two lovebirds are celebrating 35 years of marriage tonight.. cc @gayannsmith πŸ’• at end of this is v cool boogie and Drizzy on yoga class playlist today. It's like church! πŸ™πŸ»πŸŽΆ@donalderyan @Jessica_Effect @Nebrewska Already bathed in champagne last night. Next up, 🍟
Also convinced bartender to change music to 90s R&B, because there is nothing else.Thanks to my influence, @Videology is now going to play Parisian films the rest of the night. σΎ“§β€βœŒI always find and share this photo when the news is difficult. Because it is always true
Retweeted by Katie@ComfortablySmug @TheStalwart Still doesn't beat this cover mood
Is Hotline Bling on vinyl?Nobody cared.In teleconference where MD mentioned working with a patient who got "shot 12 times" and I couldn't help but make a @50cent reference.this is why we need pets
Retweeted by KatieOn a kick. This beat tho πŸ”ŠπŸ”Š enough bass on the work headphones to really get down to the new Missy track! mmm mm mmm mmm yak to the yakMRIs, ultrasound equipment, ventilators ... it's all vulnerable. Hospitals are easy to hack
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I’m just sitting here with my woes, my #WiFiWoes you know how it goes #haiku
Retweeted by KatieAziz Ansari talking about his dad πŸ’› 😭 πŸ’›
Retweeted by Katie Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―@georgepearkes πŸ˜‚ An "aquatic death embrace" sounds rather romantic, imoOr somepup... @FortuneMagazine JFC. How do ads like these pass by so many eyes before being printed?! Blows my mind.@thefader @rickyrozay Isn't this 2Pac's "Hit 'Em Up," not "Get Money" (which would have been πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―)??
Incorrect, Carson. Abortionists aren't killing "babies." But watch out for Jeb! He may be killing baby Hitler!
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