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Fixed income PM, former Equity Analyst, CFA, and Chicago sports fan. Credit, MBS, financials, structured products, and anything with leverage.

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@MRVAssociates and I know them well too, have whatever opinion you want!@MRVAssociates whatever you sayHillary is against high frequency trading but for high frequency lying
Retweeted by David SchawelSome banks can't even hit a 10% ROE & many have a 2 handle NIM & we're taking about "reining in risk at banks"? They're utilities now!@warnockiv geeze, were you also short my bank??@cullenroche @joshuademasi Mix of Agy & Non. They own legacy bonds which were already downgraded, recovery vs purchase px not in questionI close my eyes and all I can think of when hear Bernie Sander is Larry David doing George Steinbrenner on Seinfeld.
Retweeted by David SchawelIRS approves $8.5bn Countrywide #RMBS settlement on 530 trusts from June 2011 (finally) Up to 120 days for $BK to make pmts $BAC
Retweeted by David SchawelInteresting. "Kickstart your driving career with a new car" @Morgan_03 @EpicureanDeal but no balloon?@CramersShirt win one on a low payrollCardinals to Janus@tysoncapllc @warnockiv I'm not, but I might know something about banks@SconnieTrader there's no choice, Chicago was where I was born & raised. We don't all get Aaron Rodgers as our QB@SconnieTrader My dad threw out Robin Young in a game. He played for the Badgers & they played an exhibition game against the Brewers@SconnieTrader does it not look that way?@Dutch_Book congrats on the wedding@conorsen I'm serious, they look unstoppable. Ask @jvposter what I texted him earlier@hmeisler yeah, but hard to feel for the Cards, they've had enough success for a lifetime@tysoncapllc @warnockiv I guess whatever makes you feel better about it.Wow, that went out of the park over the scoreboard@DavidHaugh it's a team of destinyCubs seem destined to win it all@brumohr14 depends on the asset side & leverage ratio position - but agree, not bad for all@georgepearkes yes, you want as sticky of deposits as possible. More volatile deposits are less valuable/desirable@MSGCapital @MikeZaccardi they're very good. I can see a championship runDeposits they don't want or need what's your basis?@tysoncapllc @warnockiv what are you short at?@cullenroche @TheDenarius @joshuademasi no need to get worked up, what makes Twitter great is good healthy debate backed by facts@cullenroche @ArchMcClure @joshuademasi You're making the same exact arguments Morningstar made before Gundlach went loco on them@cullenroche @joshuademasi Risk measured how?As a slight GOP lean, I cannot understand a cogent reason for not passing a huge infrastructure bill.@TheStalwart oh that's good stuff@joshuademasi @cullenroche Agree, kind of the kitchen sink of key rate durations, but in aggregate it's shortMan, this was a great profile of @zerohedge
Retweeted by David SchawelMore bank consolidation, NewBridge and Yadkin Valley merge. This trend will continue for awhile.@cullenroche Much more comparable to the Agg than the 20y UST index as you suggested. Key is mortgages price to their avg life, not maturity@cullenroche Duration =/= maturity. Unless you're running yield tables, you wouldn't be able to tell.@cullenroche No it's not. Duration of 3.76 as of 8/31. Actually shorter than the Agg.@AdvisoryA no, just a pulse"Quick'n'easyFunds" ads playing on Bloomberg radio. Next day funding for small business loans. 1yr in business only requirement for funding@IvanTheK gif only that were true
@Morgan_03 toss that man a steak!@lewis_cohen I like the Mets team, very solid.@lewis_cohen just needling my NY friends!@naufalsanaullah I used to think so, but I think my framework is wrong/useless@itsryne_notryan I pull for the white sox first, but like the Cubs tooBartolo Colon was drafted 22 years ago@MacroHedge_ it's really cheap right now@spz_trader gets me every time!@Morgan_03 @IvanTheK @Deadspin Nope, someone tweeted Kershaw's postseason record & masses became ill.@MacroHedge_ $FIG stock has lagged peers pretty well, overall firm performance has disappointed it looks likeBombshell from FRBSF economist Vasco Cúrdia suggests neutral rate is currently -2.1% (i.e. policy way too tight)
Retweeted by David Schawel@IvanTheK Heck of a question- seems awfully weak@IvanTheK allegedly for posting a screen shot of the tweet from the Gov of Texas who congratulated the Astros for winning (too early)@IvanTheK Twitter shut them downMany macro traders are just in the business of speculation & riding momentum #confessyourunpopularopinionThere were a lot of vocal $BOFI skeptics a month or two ago@SconnieTrader fairAre there many charts worse over 5y for companies making $ than $MOS and $POT?Fourteen Wall Street veterans share the best advice they've ever received via @julieverhage
Retweeted by David SchawelBAML: Growth stocks have outperformed value stocks for 62mo's, the longest outperformance ever (prior record was from Apr’37 to Sept’40).@munilass rich old white men angry & embarrassed that this snuck up on them without them knowing & that there's no tax?"US municipal bond issuance for capital spending on transportation, infrastructure & state spending in 15 running at lowest level since 97"
@BromonaTheBrave you're in love!Like they're reading the LA Times I would want to forget too, he's hitting .083 this series@adsteel marginal profitability isn't very high here is it?Joe Torre brings sanity backNumber of MLPs and total market cap, not a surprise to anyone, but yikes! I lean republican@georgepearkes Government shutdown, failure to get a large infrastructure bill through, and term limits.Obama sounding very reasonable on #60Minutes@BrattleStCap No, you're wrong. Hard slides are fine. Slides that late & high are not.@paulg @pmarca that's Hollywood, right?@SoBendito depends on whose moral standard you go byThe only thing I can think is that the GOP establishment is dead (dying)This is amazing look at the schedule - it's actually not too hard from here on out. They'll go 6-10.@modestproposal1 @conorsen evergreen Sunday tweet@DavidHaugh that's true, prob just falls into the backhanded compliment category@georgepearkes combo of an economic recovery & sandbaggingBut earnings estimates are kind of worthless, S&P EPS have exceeded estimates for the past 25 quarters acc to BarCap.Heading into earnings season, most have 3q15 EPS (ex energy) to rise between 2-2.5% versus last year. With energy a fall of 3-4%ish.@DavidHaugh bears: Missouri loves company@NickTimiraos you aren't defending the slide are you?@JodyShenn I'm mad & I'm not even a fan of either team
@WWBAD32 +1!!! Hope all is well! Wait till you see the replay of Utley's slide into 2b@WWBAD32 clean play or dirty?First time a guy has been ruled safe without touching the base?@tazman19 difference between a good team & a championship team@AlisonFrankel many long haired dominating pitchers do the Mets have?@pmarca partially because of the education level of those immigrating to the US?@Sparticuszorro when the floodgates are open...@georgepearkes glad we could entertain you free of charge? @IvanTheK@ChrisKuc how would that work? Some team would have to take on salary & get a prospect/pick?@JHILLMacro @IvanTheK Correct. 94.3% of statistics are made up on the spot.@IvanTheK yeah I don't buy it@IvanTheK technically up 2-1 now, Arrieta is pitching next game
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