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Tulsa is a town and it's easy to get into you just drive into it I am going to Home Depot Saturday that the universe is large and beautiful and you are made of stars we are not the patriots we do not film other schools'm trying to explode a jar by flexing my fist should google Japanese game shows but you can't hold a candle to my pleats thanks I have a watch hangin around the house prob what you doing
Well now even fake bevo is dead probably find a way to blame me if he lives will know what it should have been sometime next week on you I had seaweed for dinner'm not gonna be there either me and him are going fishing
.@The_Raheel Raheel the intern in please place lifelike cutout of me on the sideline of the Oklahoma game if I tip over pls stand me back up.@The_Raheel Raheel the intern please find a like like cardboard cutout of me.@The_Raheel Raheel the intern please find out where the Oklahoma game isRecruits call my cell we only have 20 more spots in the classThey are just rough housing you can tell the future how about telling me OU's plays ahead of time's water he is a nfl coach Texas is a college that would never work don't collect any type of feathery hats no no no no no no No no no no no no No no no no no No no no no No no no No no No Yes
No clue just don't tell the based god Could you pls remove the curse you put on Kevin Durampt and please put it on Stephen A Smiths he is not based at all.@stephenasmith come over hereIn fairness most of our punts bounce off face masks so recruits all the rappers follow me so we have the #swag now come to Texas and drop #beats 🎻🎷That is a lie you can't prove it Johnson can come kick for Texas any timeMatt Stapford looks just like that little old Mega ManHe's quandre digg not quandre big
No Yes Thank you for following me can you put a curse or plague on to Bob Stoop pls.@LILBTHEBASEDGOD as a god can you hit anyone you like with say a lightning bolt or chlamydia.@LILBTHEBASEDGOD are you an actual godNo it isn't bc it's made of rock can't own stock in something you cannot touch because I am sure we are favored good I have been hanging out on my space it's weird it's like everybody in there died in 2004 or something that's on me because turpin sounded like terrapin so I thought he'd be slow like a turtle and that's my bad one group misses the butter bath and they're angry about it they have tea cups I like the tea cups OH OR SLIDES Do they have slides now probably nothing I don't even think anyone is in there like an excuse just being honest release is like the slowest I've ever seen its almost unbelievable work at ESPN so jokes on them gave out directions to different slides we would be visiting on our slide outing your face is moderately squishy can you make a mean face I need to see how squishy your orbitals are can work with this you are making me uncomfortable and also your face isn't squishy like at all d line recruits if you have a squishy face we need you Please send picture of face with commitmentsHow do you change employment relationship to Its complex
.@TexAgs do tears make orchids grow faster asking for a friend who cries a lotMaybe he'll by your house did you think about that love them founded those old Mormons right the team for a sliding outing we went down all sorts of slides it was really greatJust keep on doing what we do don't go to nighttime rallies where torches are featured at least we're not ole mist
Those same people probably said we'd never put a man on Pluto too lol jokes on them come back I don't even know what you people are talkin about asteroid I don't know both that hate flow through you my bad man
Retweeted by Chuck F'n StrongThere are all types of slides I never even realized straight ones twisty ones bumpy ones long ones wide ones tunnel type ones you knowCall me when baseball is a sport she didn't even do a flip of any type Moorer gonna retweet his face man if you haven't gone sliding on a slide I highly recommend itGoing to the park to use the slideYou have been melting all your candles? bright side is I got storm of swords in my pocket think I'll break that out in the fourthI AM MARRIED yes we just play notra dame againWhat is the biggest comeback in Texas history just asking it's unrelated to this gameCloverfield packageTcu is stealing our signs @Big12ConferenceIf you think about it we're a bye week for somebody every week is that'm so fired up I look totally calm that like ebola's like a nother dimension where football is this scary thing'm all like out in the country why think it's obvious there is no god services am I supposed to resume but I mean that's pre tax can anyone know that yeah he's the problem's not real IT IS REAL IT IS TOTALLY REAL IT IS TERRIBLE I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO IT IS NOT A DREAM IT IS AWFUL hate footballUh it's SATURDAY please search magical halftime speeches
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