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@carlquintanilla that was also the kid that wasn't prepared for the exam cause he skipped school
my cat is such a hoe he heard me open a plastic bag & must of thought it meant treat... lol.. he HAULED ass to get near me @echarlespate @Charenity ya... lol.. a lot of typing... lol... my thumbs are cramping @BabyMetalMFC lol...would love to hear u go Pulp Fiction "Get your hands up or we're gonna execute every last one of you mutha fuckas!!!" @BabyMetalMFC @mollysoda good thinking! gotta have a getaway driver! lol my bicycle has been sort of awkward. you're a ciminal mastermind ;) @mollysoda @BabyMetalMFC Do what I did... lol... get a gun and start knocking over liquor stores and gas stations #BeYourOwnBoss @echarlespate @Charenity they sure do get upset when people flip the script on them though @Meemie24 @Barack_McBush @HillaryClinton The only candidate that took more money from them than her was Marco Rubio #fact @Meemie24 @Barack_McBush @HillaryClinton And she only stopped taking donations from pvt prisons in Oct cuz the black lives matter movement @Meemie24 @Barack_McBush @HillaryClinton haha.. don't get all mad cause i'm right! HRC helped lock up millions of Americans for profit #Fact @Meemie24 @Barack_McBush @HillaryClinton lol... Bill was accountable for HRC actions? lol... not a very feminist attitude ya got there @Braveswyn @hpg199216 @SebrinaAlfonso i love how the Lib's get self righteous about who's honest then totally look the other way for HRC @Charenity yup... a big fat nothing in the way of "facts" or "truth"... lol... So sad you go on about truth but can't produce any facts @Meemie24 @Barack_McBush @HillaryClinton that psychopath saw herself as "Co-President". U know there's actual facts on the internet, right? @Meemie24 @Barack_McBush @HillaryClinton where do you get your facts? she helped BC lobby for it... wtf ya think she was doing as 1st Lady? @Braveswyn @hpg199216 @SebrinaAlfonso @SenSanders if she wants to rule the USA i would hope she has foresight... sadly she doesn't @Braveswyn @SebrinaAlfonso @hpg199216 @SenSanders so about the time she decided to run for the POTUS she flip flopped... lol... interesting @Braveswyn aww... those poor clinton's need all the help they can find... and being a mindless zombie for HRC isn't something I'd brag about @GS__User @Braveswyn @HillaryClinton same thing Hillary's mom thought when she was ordering IRS audits for Bill's girls @Braveswyn lol... seeing HRC for what she is makes me a sicko? I'll take that as a compliment... Go vote the vag #HillaryHoe @Charenity @echarlespate lol... hit me with it! come on... don't hold back... hit me with the "truth"... Lay it on me!!! @Barack_McBush @Meemie24 @HillaryClinton she also neglects to say she lobbied for the 1994 Omnibus crime bill & caused mass incarcerations @Charenity @echarlespate the list goes on and on and on... what do you got? @Charenity @echarlespate Filegate/Whitewater/Asia fundraising scandal/Travelgate/Clinton Foundation Scandal/Troopergate/Chinagate @Charenity @echarlespate irs audits for women Bill had sex with/calling those women trash & no one would believe them/Hillary care cover up @Charenity @echarlespate NAFTA opposion lie/Macedonia refugee lie/Cattle futures scandal/defending a rapist of 12 yr old girl/TPP flip flop @Charenity @echarlespate Bosnia sniper fire lie/Northern Ireland Peace process lie/Pardons for pay scandal/Peter Paul fund-raiser @Charenity @echarlespate iraq/syria/email cover up/VCS Mining scandal/Benghazi/Sandy Berger/Senate Campaign Donation Scandal/UN spying @Charenity @echarlespate i know what she's done Do you? lobbyied 1994 Omnibus Crime Bill Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act & Community Reinvestment Act @DeeMays @paulyballgame here ya go... think Bill would admit he made a mistake if HRC wasn't running? @DeeMays @paulyballgame you do know the HRC lobbied for the 1994 Omnibus Crime Bill right? that's why millions are locked up in pvt prisons @HillaryClinton "It’s not whether you get knocked down that matters, it’s whether you get back up and ask for more money!" - Hillary @billclinton after @hillaryclinton losses... wanna go hit up some strip clubs? bring plenty of cigars! @NamedJess @SophieInCT @UzoAduba @HillaryClinton no... but she'd throw everyone under the bus before she goes down @SebrinaAlfonso @hpg199216 @SenSanders notice in your timeline you're not above "insulting" ppl.. lol... only an issue when your losing huh? @SebrinaAlfonso @hpg199216 @SenSanders childish tantrums? You mean what the rest of the thinking world calls facts? @hpg199216 @SebrinaAlfonso @SenSanders HRC flip flops so often i wanna wear her on my feet at the beach @NamedJess @SophieInCT @UzoAduba @HillaryClinton ouch! and that's a woman's opinion! :) @SebrinaAlfonso @hpg199216 @SenSanders she flips flops so often i wanna wear her on my feet at the beach @hpg199216 @SebrinaAlfonso and Madeline Albright said any woman that doesn't support her will burn in hell #WaytosupportAllWomen #hrcfraud @SebrinaAlfonso @hpg199216 @UzoAduba @HillaryClinton insult? because i called you naive? lol... classic @SebrinaAlfonso @hpg199216 no one?really? lmfao Have you looked thru the replies on her timeline? more ppl criticizing her than praising her @SebrinaAlfonso @hpg199216 @UzoAduba @HillaryClinton Soooo naive... it's ALWAYS been about Wall Street with her :) @hpg199216 @SebrinaAlfonso she helped lock up millions & helped cause the financial crisis! what do her supporters want for an encore? @SebrinaAlfonso @hpg199216 @UzoAduba @HillaryClinton uniformed? yup... brainwashed so hard you can't even think critically or research HRC @SophieInCT @NamedJess @UzoAduba @HillaryClinton i am... and i don't vote the vag like HRC supports @hpg199216 @SebrinaAlfonso @UzoAduba @HillaryClinton only his "good" policies... she works the whole "I was just 1st lady" w/his bad polices @SebrinaAlfonso @hpg199216 @UzoAduba @HillaryClinton not sure what "persona stuff" you mean... but you're obviously absolutely brainwashed @SebrinaAlfonso @hpg199216 @UzoAduba @HillaryClinton lol how old are you? you know there's actual info on the internet right? reasearch HRC @SophieInCT @NamedJess @UzoAduba @HillaryClinton i'd rather support a losing candidate w/integrity than HRC and her criminal ass @hpg199216 @SebrinaAlfonso @UzoAduba @HillaryClinton media won't bring up her support for any failed policies like the 2008 financial crisis @SebrinaAlfonso @hpg199216 @UzoAduba @HillaryClinton you mean you're mad he took a play out of HRC play book and she looses? she's the fraud @HillaryClinton this is what you really stand for when you stand for HRC.. She supported the 1994 Omnibus Crime Bill @UzoAduba @HillaryClinton 1996 "Super predator" speech @SophieInCT @NamedJess @UzoAduba @HillaryClinton like being a trump supporter is any diff than a HRC supporter? #RandPaul @SebrinaAlfonso @hpg199216 @UzoAduba @HillaryClinton she helped him lobby for it... she's responsible for millions being locked up too @MrDane1982 @UzoAduba @geejayeff make no mistake about it... she lobbied for the 1994 Omnibus Crime bill @Brains4Bern @MrDane1982 @UzoAduba @geejayeff finally nice to see some reality about HRC making it out there @UzoAduba ending mass incarcerations SHE helped make happen... she lobbied for the 1994 Omnibus Crime Bill that locked millions up @CNN starting w/the negativity on @BernieSanders now HRC might not be as inevitable as they thought she was #Yellowjournalism @Milbank bernie isn't a revolutionary the same way you aren't a journalist #HillaryHoe #Yellowjournalism @SenFeinstein w/HRC laundry list of BS & u wanna attack Bern's liberal record? think that's a wise strategy for "old guard" politicians?
@HuffingtonPost lol... sure glad you liberals there didn't lose your grace and composure and act like pissed off brats having a tantrum @meganmedellin lol... and i'm the asshole that farts on the elevator right before the door opens to the lobby when i'm alone @__HillaryFan___ @HillaryforNH @HillaryClinton they should know her... she lobbied for the 1994 Omnibus crime bill that locked enough up @__HillaryFan___ @HillaryforNH @HillaryClinton lol "she's the most powerful"? lmfao are you kidding me???? the most powerful criminal maybe @HillaryforNV @HillaryClinton go to jail time maybe @38_28_38 #HillaryHoes @38_28_38 i LUV the vag... what i hate are lying cunts like HRC and her dumb ass supporters that think having one qualifies to be the POTUS @HillaryClinton
Retweeted by me @EB_Asbr @HillaryClinton she won't be telling them she lobbied for the 1994 Omnibus Crime Bill & caused millions of blacks to be locked up @38_28_38 @HillaryClinton @Parker9_ right... HIllary would NEVER steal, lie, or manipulate to get what she wants... Because she has a vagina @HillaryClinton it's the beginning alright... the beginning of the end! @HemaissancEng @HillaryClinton you get nothing... nothing but poutine @HillaryClinton stand with Hillary??? I'm embarrassed to call her an American @HillaryClinton someones mad tonight! :) @HillaryClinton And here i thought you were here just because you were a power hungry psychopath @HillaryClinton You have no passion... Just greed and lust for power @HillaryClinton It’s not whether you get knocked down that matters, it’s whether you get back up and ask for more money." —Hillary @HillaryClinton I'm angry a psychopath like you will try to lie your ass into the White House... America doesn't want or need you @HillaryClinton for all the dipshits that wanted the media to make a sexist fuss over her IA win:"Dumb bitch looses Primary to Communist" @HillaryClinton congratulating @BernieSanders must be one bitter pill... are you finally realizing the fact America doesn't want or need you @HillaryforNH @HillaryClinton someones pissed off tonight... lol.. and someone else is getting an earful of her famous potty mouth lmfao @__HillaryFan___ @HillaryforNH @HillaryClinton well... lol... you supported a loser today! :) #Youstandalone @laughtercrystal you realize in all reality @HillaryClinton hates you & wouldn't touch you w/a 10' ft pole.. lol... Bill might touch you tho @HillaryClinton is planning on kicking NH out of the Union if she becomes Pres... Cause it's filled with women who are going to hell @HillaryClinton let's hope your daughter supports her or she's going to burn in a "special place in hell" #waytocare4ALLwomen @FlappyBirdNovel @GarrettRuby you know that in all reality she hates you & wouldn't touch you w/a 10' ft pole if she didn't need a photo op @PhiKapMom @rmiskimens @HillaryClinton you realize it's a big hall & damn near empty right? every1 was moved up front to make it look packed @HiillaryforNH @HillaryClinton oh BS! it was a huge hall and damn near empty...your people forced everyone up front to make it look packed @HillaryClinton except those women that don't support you.. them bitches are going to that "special place in hell" anyway so fuck 'em right? @HillaryforNV @RepGutierrez you don't go to that "special place in hell" for women that don't support her! fuck all those other bitches huh? @HillaryClinton i guess they're not going to that "special place in hell" reserved for women that don't support you #waytocareaboutALLwomen @audreyj47001 @barker_hoy and if women don't support @HillaryClinton there's a "special place in hell" for them #waytocareaboutallwomen @scotthortonshow @HillaryClinton Apparently there's a "special place in hell" for her the way she cackled at Albrights comments
@TattGoddess Since any Jess AMA video requires a poop question.. When was the last time you pooped & realized you were out of toilet paper? @TattGoddess what would you have done different in your first few weeks/months on mfc? Any regrets? How did you approach mfc then vs now? @InsaneB0lt followed the youtube link & just watched her play Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns N' Roses. lol.. kids a fucking rock n roll protege @InsaneB0lt not only was she on point with the song.... she was having a blast... the kid rocked
@thereaIbanksy wow... lol... hating for hates sake
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