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Iowanian. Nurse. I like to sing and play guitar. Sometimes I've got opinions, and sometimes I just don't give a crap. You'll know, either way.

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Ohey, bye Iowa!!
Iowa Hawkeye's are 12-0, baby!!!!! Wooo! What an awesome football weekend!!The Drudge headline is 'Black Friday Matters' hahaha!! I wonder how long he's been waiting to do that.
#ImThankfulFor a #Bears WIN! Suck on that, Packers!Woo!! #Bears beat the Packers!! And on Brett Favre's jersey day LOLOL!!!Dear #blackfriday shoppers, I think less of you. Just so ya know.Too early to start drinking?
Love when I'm on a break from my videos, then I see chicks trying to copy my old shit and getting MORE views than me. Yea I'm bitter.
My nephew made these and taped them all over my parents place. Not a Bernie fan, he just thought it was funny. Smh.
bout to leave Des Moines, leaving most of my boxes here for a few weeks to a month until I find an apt. I know I'm gonna forget something.Don't inhale 409. You're welcome.
I am just done for the night. I'm tired. I hate moving. ugghhhh help.OK. The majority of my shit is packed, and I've got some cleaning done. Ugh. I'm going to have to make a trip back just to clean, I think :(@StephenFleming thanks!!Will be spending15 plus hours in my car this week. Music suggestions? Audio book suggestions? Anything??Believe it or not, pun not intended.Started reading How to be Right by @GregGutfeld. So far he's taught me I shouldn't be drunk in my #BailingOutAmerica videos. Ugh, buzz kill.
So if anybody's going to any swanky events anytime soon, hollerrrr! I clean up real good like.I need a famous friend who will take me to swanky events. Or a regular friend who has hookups to swanky events. Either will do...Omgggg I'm gonna be in line here at Walmart for 20 minutes.What do you do when your self cleaning oven won't self clean......Good morning! Today, I woke up in a great mood, and excited to move!! I'm going to ride this wave until the stress and panic sets in again!
@tphil88 nah not for a few more daysHi!@DrActorKJ wiscaaansinI've worked my last day in Iowa.
So much for that tigers blood....
Is it a bad sign that whenever I go into the gas station, I feel like I must explain my purchase?? Am I the only one??
Losing hope in humanity this morning. I'm grumpy. I'm stressed. I'm bummed about things. Trying to think positive, it's just hard today.
I can't wait til I'm all moved into a new apartment, in a new state, and can get back to making videos!Prayers up for the victims and their families and friends in France who died at the hands of terrorists yesterday. America, stay vigilant.
Ugh. I think I've huffed enough chemicals for a lifetime. No more cleaning....Who remembers B2K?? Lololol!! #throwback #90sKids
Rapunzel is the best Disney movie ever. #Discuss
Do you live in Wisconsin and want to be my friend??@TheMaverick21 no helpHopefully the dating pool is better in Wisconsin than iowaSo how's the dating pool in Wisconsin??
@T_A_Whitney oooh look it up, it's good stuff!@T_A_Whitney well i tried to make a white russian, but it turned out....tan? so i guess it's a tan russian? I donno man...drinking an Off White Russian, and skyping with friends. Good tayyymes.@ThunderBahl thank you :-)@ThunderBahl @Leinenkugels count me in!!What do I have to do once I move to Wisconsin that will make me an official Wisconsinite? Eat a block if cheese?nap it is.FINALLY done with work until Tuesday. I've had my mimosa. Now I'm torn between packing or taking a nap....
I hate when people say they are humbled by receiving some award/recognition. If you are posting a facebook status about it, ur not humbled..@ReviewDadMedia thank you, thank you, and NO!!! nonono. Nope. Just no. #GoBears!Just because I'm moving to Wisconsin does not mean I am any less of a #Bears fan. I love them, and I will never love the #packers. Never.@YR_AlyssaDC good! And thank you :-)I accepted a position as an OR nurse in Wisconsin!! I start in 3 WEEKS! I am SO EXCITED!! Holy crap I'm moving out of Iowa! #RN #Dreamjob
Ugh. I'm tired of this work schedule. I tried being awake for normal hours since I have tonight off, but ended up sleeping from 3pm til 12@Jennifer4130 so you'd rather wait for someone to get hurt because its more humane or something to wait for "authorities" to deal with him?@Jennifer4130 oh! You must be pro life then :-) @brooksbc
@BOOB_level @Gawker uh ohWow, I didn't know Fred Thompson died!
Ready to watch the Bears play(aka, get slaughtered by) the Vikings! It's hard being a Bears fan :-( But it's my burden to bear....(GET IT?)Halloween is over....meaning were one holiday.closer to Christmas!!!
Hilarious that @JohnJHarwood is playing the victim this morning. Really, dude?
@BOOB_level sure thingOMG I WOULD LOVE A DEBATE BETWEEN CARLY AND HILLARY!!! (All caps were necessary. Not sorry.) #GOPDebateI must say I love that none of the candidates are taking the bait to attack one another. #GOPDebateI CANNOT DEAL WITH FLAPPYHANDS.
Retweeted by BaileyConnellSeriously? What's it going to take to get the next #GOPDebate to be held in a bar???First, stupid ass question. Second, stupid ass answer. You don't need to kiss Trumps butt QUITE so hard, Huckabee. #GOPDebateKasich has been one big flop tonight. Did I say tonight? Nix that part. #GOPDebateDon't get me wrong, I love Ben Carson! But when he talks, it's like.... #GOPDebate@DCarrafiello Crap, that's right....I guess shame isn't really an emotion that resonates with them, huh?Ted Cruz during the break #GOPDebate
Retweeted by BaileyConnellGood news for @CNBC. They have more viewers tonight than they will in the next 12 months.
Retweeted by BaileyConnellI try :-p moderators should truly be embarrassed of themselves. #CNBCGOPDebateThat's funny!92% of the jobs lost under Obama administration belonged to women?! Damn!! #GOPDebateYup! This., because Obama worked out really well for us. Lol. #GOPDebate! or maybe jeb... God, Thank you for not making me Lena Dunham. I owe you one.
Retweeted by BaileyConnellFrom now on it is no longer Jeb! but Jeb?! #GOPDebate@BOOB_level I KNOW I'm good, eh?During the #GOPDebate break, watch my video about what my IDEAL debate would look like here!---> is Huckabee is here? Dude is craysee. Does anybody *actually* support him for prez?? Please tweet me if you do! I'm curious. #GOPDebate@BailofRights @glennbeck @SenTedCruz He's the runner-up world debate champ too. Pretty amazing guy.
Retweeted by BaileyConnellAnybody else listen to @glennbeck this morning talk about how @SenTedCruz has an audiographic memory?? That's pretty crazy. #GOPDebateCarly still as fiesty as ever :) #GOPDebate@rowangingeraven fair point!Bye Jeb(!?) You out, son. #GOPDebateDrinking game I'm playing for the #GOPDebate is drink every time Trump talks. Not because it's a rule, just because I feel drawn to drinkI bet Halloween is a really confusing night for guys trying to pick up hookers. #baileyisms
Torn on what to make this weeks's #BailingOutAmerica video on!
Don't wear your contacts for 48 hrs +. It's just a bad idea.waaaaaatch: #presidentialdebate
@BOOB_level you do? Cause I dont. Seriously.@BOOB_level ........too far titan.@BOOB_level yeah it was awful. Swear there was someone was laughing in my ear while I was trying to move. Scariest shit ever.Today For the 3rd time this month, I felt the horror of sleep paralysis. Most TERRIFYING experience ever...
I made a video yesterday: The Ultimate Presidential Debate.
@thornedella thanks for the retweet!so i heard of "thrinder" today. It's Tinder for threesomes. I shit you not. I've lost allllll faith in humanity.
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